Hallal Food Is NOT Vegetarian

Hallal food from hallal slaughterhouses are actually meat,–not vegetarian food because, these kind of meats slaughtered via an Islamic culture/belief is toxic, and it’s not good for you. Although; animal activists has to investigate where hallal meats are coming from. Running a hallal slaughterhouse is cruel, and it doesn’t make you immune to being liable for animal cruelty.

What’s Wrong With Hallal Food?

Hallal slaughter of any animal raised for meat is cruel, and toxic. You heard of food-poisoning, and other issues with our food system. For example; you went to a grocery store where they illegally sell hallal meats that aren’t inspected. I believe hallal meats are the top toxic meats on the face of the planet. Animal cruelty is standard via Islamic culture… animal sacrifice is NOT a richual. If PETA has investigated these slaughterhouses; and they brought these Islamic workers to life; they will be end up in prison for animal cruelty.


I believe hallal food should be boycotted because, we don’t want to chance consuming hallal products. However; I’m a vegetarian, and I will never choose hallal food.

You heard of IHOP being infected by Muslim employees supporting terrorism, and mislabeling food as normal food. If you were going there; you are actually support production of hallal food, and cruelty.

There’s something crawling in your food,–after you purchased hallal products

Most hallal products are crawling with insects that are bad for you. This is common via any hallal dishes that are NOT safe to eat.

Not just bugs were crawling in your food. toxic fecal matter has been leeched into your plate of food. This nauseating effect can cause you to be grossed out.

Parasites are still active after preparing hallal food.

Harmful diseases can be dangerous when consuming hallal meats

Any kind of disease still left in hallal meats can be found.

Chicken, beef, turkey, rabbit, elk, and other meats that are distributed from the hallal slaughterhouses are the main source of contamination of our food system.

What you should do?

For your safety, choose vegetarianism to keep yourself safe. Never purchase hallal food from any source. Be sure to contact the FDA to condemn hallal food as unsafe, and implement a ban against hallal meat products. Be sure to check if there’s an open office available. If the office is not available; you can go to their website, and contact them to bann hallal products. It may take some time for this ban to be implemented. If this suggestion fails; create a petition, or contact your local legislator to help ban hallal products.

Don’t work at hallal slaughterhouses. Be a gardener instead. You can find some jobs that don’t have slaughterhouses.

Don’t go to any store where hallal foods are sold. Most of these stores has been involved in food stamp/SNAP fraud. If you discovered any store involved in SNAP trafficking; report it immediately!

Find safer alternatives to hallal products. Non-Hallal products may be available at your local store. You need to do a hard research of these products. Always be on a safe side.

Always go to customer support services to help yourself steer clear of these harmful products. Tell them what you’re actually buying at your local store. You may need to get more of the service to prevent yourself from purchasing Hallal products.

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