Home-Made Vegetarian Burger From Scratch

Vegetarian burgers with fries on a plate
Serving of a vegetarian burgers with fries on a plate on a table.

Okay, vegetarian burgers are now in stores. However; you can make your own without eggs. Not just making this burger from scratch is fun. That can also offset 1 cow from being slaughtered for meat. Most brands of veggie burgers are common in stores, if a market for vegetarian product grows… the meat industry will shrink overtime.
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Say “NO” To Rabbit Meat On Easter!

Easter is around the corner! But there’s a problem… Crooks slaughter rabbits for meat,–so people can eat them. However; since I don’t support production of rabbit meat, I’ll never serve rabbit meat under any way. I’m currently continuing to boycott all rabbit meat trades,–including restaurants who serve rabbit meat. Don’t like rabbit meat, and you don’t want to chance it, in this article; I’ll tell you why you should say “NO” to rabbit meat, along with some potential problems you may encounter!

Rejecting rabbit meat is like preventing a rabbit meat industry from making more money. Refusing rabbit meat is a best way to respect rabbits.

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Is It Really A Name For Vegetarians Who Ride Animals?

There’s no specific name for vegetarians who ride animals. Tipically, vegetarians don’t eat land-based meat like beef, pork, chicken, etc. However; vegetarians who ride animals do eat fish,–if supported. For this instance, you visited a farm where a vegetarian who rides a cow on a farm where dairy cattle are raised, but only few cattle. Or a vegetarian is riding a horse on a horse farm. There are some vegetarians who ride any animal as their mode of traveling.

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What If Cattle Farms Has Been Wiped Out… And What To Do?

Cattle are smart, and gentle animals towards humans. However, some dairy farms has been wiped out by a powerful blizzard, or a virus that caused all of cattle to die out. If cattle farms has been wiped out, and dairy costs go up, most likely we’ll miss out on these popular dairy products. Going vegan is the only way to spare cattle from being abused.

If all of the cattle farms has been wiped out by a powerful blizzard, or a powerful virus, I’ll go vegan altogether, but I’ll still consume seafood. However, I’ll add more vegan products, and support the growing vegan market.

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