Going Dairy-Free Is Recently Trending For Some People Who Were Going Vegan To Speak Up For Abused Cows

Some people aren’t able to consume dairy,–due to allergies, or they don’t want to support the veal industry. Cattle can emit CO2 as they burp, or something similar. Some cattle farms has been attacked by snowy weather that can really kill them off. Relying on a dairy-free diet is the only way to free up land space for planting crops. Not just planting crops help implement a food source; you also generate more oxygen for our planet.

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Vegetarian Magic: Don’t Consume Rabbit Meat… Develop a Replacement

In 2011; I was scared away by my uncle who cooked rabbit meat. I told my grandmother why I’ll NEVER eat rabbits. She prompted me to try one rabbit leg, but I quickly refused a rabbit leg. She confirmed eating rabbits gives me the creeps. And she didn’t know I should NOT eat rabbits. And I have to find alternatives that will replace rabbit for good.

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Rejecting To Consume Eggs Doesn’t Just Save Chickens

Recently, I’ve tried out a banana bread that is baked without eggs. It’s an epic banana bread all right… but it’s baked without eggs! It was my first time eating one slice of banana bread,–during the day. I thought it can be a great dessert for my lunch,–after my actual lunch.

Via my opinion, you’ll find out why I refused to eat eggs.

I thought chickens were raised in a quiet family farm with reputable chicken-farmers who care about their animals. But our farms has gone industrialized,–causing pollution. Usually, reputable farmers don’t force chickens to lay lots of eggs because, that can overdo them, and cause lots of problems. I’ve imagined some chickens who were laying eggs on a steady… slow… and gentle farming effort. Although; farming takes lots of time, and enabling a chicken to lay an egg also takes time. For some reason, industrialized egg-farms has forced these chickens to rush egg production. All of that rushing has been causing them to suffer endless days of cruelty. It’s kind of like running a press that is used for shaping metal in high speed,–causing it to fail too soon.

There are some vegetarians who accept eggs in their vegetarian diet. If you were a farmer who raise chickens exclusively for eggs, and you only have 5 of your hens,–but keep your roosters; you can take some time with them, but they needed periodic exercise, and a break from laying new eggs. They need to take a break because of the following:

  • They need to exercise… they need to walk around, and play with other chickens. It’s kind of like interacting with other neighbors. For example; think about playing soccer, or running track.
  • They need to reset themselves,–after they laid few eggs. If you also keep chickens as pets; you can prohibit anyone from slaughtering your chickens,–especially if they’re NOT on duty laying new eggs. Think about some soldiers who were off duty. Some soldiers needed to be off duty for other soldiers to combat enemies.
  • Like us; we need some sleep. You wouldn’t allow your child to do his/her tasks,–until late night. That’s one example of child cruelty.

That’s organic egg-farming,–if you’re a reputable chicken-farmer who care about animals, but you don’t consume your chickens’ eggs. But some people wanted to produce more eggs. What they did is the following:

  • Breed more chickens, and cage them in high numbers.
  • Hire more employees to monitor, and raise chickens to lay more eggs.
  • Treat their chickens as “egg-machines”.
  • Keep all of their chickens indoors,–all without any exercise.
  • Slaughter worn out chickens for meat.

This is not good when treating chickens like this. This is one example of factory farming.

I refused to eat eggs because, I don’t support the egg industry. Most chickens raised on our today’s farms were treated like egg-machines. You thought chickens were treated humanely all right… think again! Some of these chickens may be beaten to force the another egg-laying cycle. Many of them has their beeks burned off with a hot blade, or laser. That caused them not to eat properly, or drink properly. Many of these farmers didn’t even care for their own chickens.

As the chickens’ egg production drops, or fails overtime; they’re been sent to slaughterhouses,–to be killed for meat. And that’s the byproduct of the egg industry. Hormones contaminate our mainstream egg supply.

If you were consuming eggs, watch out! You might be susceptible to dangerous diseases, risk of gaining cholesterol that is bad for you, and more.

Chickens only lay eggs to reproduce more chickens, not as food for humans. That’s why some of our common foods have eggs in it. And there’s some news about egg allergies that’s been caused by overall egg-eating habits. Eating eggs isn’t epic at all. That can also cause further pollution to our planet, and our water supply. If we stopped eating eggs altogether; we can spare lots of chickens from being slaughtered for meat, and we can also cut pollution, and save our water supply,–for good.

I’ve been rejecting to eat eggs since I was around 7 years old. People who claimed eating eggs is good for us is nothing more than an evil wicked lie! In my opinion; I don’t need to eat eggs to be healthy, or be extra smart. There are vegan alternatives to eating eggs, or using eggs for cooking common goods,–such as cakes, pies, bread, muffins, scones, cookies, biscuits, etc.

A decision is yours… this is the reason why rejecting to eat eggs can save chickens

What I’ve mentioned above; never purchase eggs from your local store under any reason,–or any other circumstances. If you are a student who wanted to refused to eat eggs, be sure to contact your cafeteria staff and cooks to start discontinuing serving eggs, and replace them with delicious vegan alternatives. If anyone forces you to consume eggs, you had the right to complain it to your cordinator who will help with your case, or your counceler who is trained to enforce the students’ right to choose what they want to eat, or not to eat.

Don’t purchase any goods at your local cafe,–where they use eggs as their primary ingredient. Ask for a vegan alternative instead. A “special order” will be implemented for you. If it fails, you had an option to create a petition to encourage them to implement mandatory vegan alternatives for you.

If you were planning on phasing out eating eggs in your family; be sure to plan this out as you go eggless. You can still bake without eggs!

Educate your family and children why you should never eat eggs. Always read the labels as you go shopping. One rejected purchase of eggs can save about 2 or more chickens,–depending on the quantity of eggs sold in one carton.

Run movie nights that focuses on the truth of the egg industry. Don’t let anyone stop you from telling the truth about the egg industry.