Vegetarian Magic: Don’t Consume Rabbit Meat… Develop a Replacement

In 2011; I was scared away by my uncle who cooked rabbit meat. I told my grandmother why I’ll NEVER eat rabbits. She prompted me to try one rabbit leg, but I quickly refused a rabbit leg. She confirmed eating rabbits gives me the creeps. And she didn’t know I should NOT eat rabbits. And I have to find alternatives that will replace rabbit for good.

So, I taken a trip to a store to shop for special replacement. I needed to implement countermeasures to keep myself from eating rabbits. Eating rabbits isn’t just a bad reputation for my life. That can also secretly fund poaching, and illegal hunting of rabbits,–and factory farm rabbits for meat.


As I shop; I chosen seafood, pasta, and vegetables. As I do so… I can spare 4 rabbits as I shop for vegetables. Eating vegetables aren’t just healthy; they don’t make a sound when eaten.

After I went shopping; I returned back to my grandmother’s house, and prepared my alternative dinner. I got the vegetables ready, and my grandmother cooked the shrimp and pasta with white sauce.

As soon as my alternative meal is done being cooked… I started eating it with my cup of tea.

As I ate my dinner; I continued imagining riding rabbits. Leaving rabbit off my plate is kind of like refusing to hunt. I do like rabbits, but I don’t eat them.

My experimental countermeasure was successful! I spared 8 rabbits so far. It’s kind of like stopping the slaughter of rabbits.

When I was totally little; I strictly ate vegetables!! But I ate fish as I grew up. Why I prefer to eat fish because, it’s easier for me to get common nutrients, and leave other meat off my plate. It took lots of time for my mother to research why I refused to eat meat. She has to shop for different food specifically for me.

Eating beans and rice is a common diet I used to. Cause I ate beans day by day!

What you should do?

Don’t purchase rabbit meat. If you see any food item that uses rabbit meat… leave it on the shelf!

Don’t participate in hunting activities… such as hunting rabbits. If you don’t support hunting rabbits… ask your governing agency to make it illegal to hunt rabbits.

Find a religious group that prohibit anyone from eating rabbit meat. Or you can petition your religous organization to implement dietary laws to prohibit anyone from eating rabbit meat.

If you were a rabbit breeder… educate your community why you should never eat rabbit. If you were phasing out production of rabbit meat; you had an option for some of your rabbits to be adopted by a person, or start a new generation of rabbits as therapy animals. It will take some time.

Don’t raise rabbits for meat.

As you go to the store; find some replacements that is available for your next dinner.

If you were a parent who has a history of your child who refused to eat meat… be sure to ask a child if he/she wanted to eat seafood to help leave rabbit off his/her plate. Alternatively; you can offer a vegan diet instead.

If your child care about rabbits; you can take your child to a local place where he/she learn more about rabbits.

Don’t do any businesses with any stores where rabbit meat is sold.

Boycott the rabbit meat trade, and ask congress to ban sales of rabbit meat altogether.

To Implement This Magic Trick

  • Post a message that will tell anyone eating rabbit meat is dangerous to our bodies. You can post it on your freezer door as a reference point. Or play a video why you should NEVER slaughter rabbits for meat. Or do businesses with any company who sell rabbits for meat.
  • If any of your family members has been involved in slaughtering rabbits; report it immediately to any of these major animal activists near you.
  • Impose sanctions against trade and sales of rabbit meat if you own a grocery store. At minimum; add a poster that will tell your customers why rabbit meat will NOT be sold.
  • Don’t do business with restaurants where rabbit meat is set as a traditional dish.
  • Go vegan altogether.

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