Going Dairy-Free Is Recently Trending For Some People Who Were Going Vegan To Speak Up For Abused Cows

Some people aren’t able to consume dairy,–due to allergies, or they don’t want to support the veal industry. Cattle can emit CO2 as they burp, or something similar. Some cattle farms has been attacked by snowy weather that can really kill them off. Relying on a dairy-free diet is the only way to free up land space for planting crops. Not just planting crops help implement a food source; you also generate more oxygen for our planet.

Why is it still trending?

In fact; cows give milk to their calves; these calves needed the mother’s milk to survive. Once they’re strong enough to eat food; the mother’s milk dries up. However; many dairy farmers has been treating cattle as milk machines. These machines that were hokked up to them often injure them. Animal activists has caused these dairy farms to go out of business. And many cows has been removed after many petitions to seize all of these abused animals.

Vegan residents are most likely to plant, and grow their own food, and offset trips to the store. If you owned a previous dairy farm, and you converted it to a crop farm where you plant food,–both for animals and humans; you are reducing carbon. Its possible to have a vertical garden to get more of your food growing. Gardens on a roof of a building can also offset costs of land, and you can easily cool your home this way. Depending on where you live where mandatory green roofing is required. If you take 200 green roof buildings, and you planted a food-based garden with carbon-capturing plants… you can get more of a fresh air. But many polluters who were involved in polluting our planet has been prevent us from saving our world from climate change.

Since cattle can’t be farmed on a roof of a building… only plants can be farmed there. The advantage of going dairy-free is:

  • Reduce costs of owning cattle.
  • Reduce costs of feed.
  • Reduce costs of grazing land.
  • Reduce costs of milking machines.
  • Reduce cruelty of animals.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce cattle manure. However manure can be used for power plants to generate energy, and drive steam-powered machines.
  • Reduce risks of mad cow disease.
  • You can have more planting space if you converted an old dairy farm into a crop farm.
  • Halt dehorning of cattle.
  • Factory farms has been involved in treating animals as machines, and overwelming them for the past years,–after dairy farms has been first established. But going dairy-free can reduce it. In the future… dairy farms will be rare, and it will be too difficult to spot, but plants only.

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