Meatless Spaghetti With Vegetables

I made this meal on Thursday, and I’ll show you how to make a meatless spaghetti lunch or dinner to replace meatballs.

All You Need:

  • Frozen mixed vegetables of choice
  • Spaghetti noodles
  • Tomato Sauce in can or jar


Get a big pot, and fill it with water, but NOT too much.


If you were using an electric range

Set the pot on a free surface element, always leave the surface element off because, this is important for your safety,–especially if you have children who live in your household. If you’re not comfortable around them while you’re in the kitchen; be sure to ask your kids to free up the kitchen, and tell them why they should take safety seriously. Whether if your home has only one kitchen, or 2 kitchens.

Before turning on your range, be sure to align the pot to a position that hides the surface element. Never allow anyone in your family to tamper with your pot of water under any circumstances. Bullies in your family often put toxic chemicals into your mixture. If your parent allows this to happen; you think you were been poisoned; contact your emergency services. You may need to find yourself a dedicated location where bullying is prohibited.

Once you confirmed is safe to proceed, you may turn on the surface element, always set it to a comfortable setting, but don’t set it to full blast.

During the boiling process… add spaghetti noodles into a pot of boiling water. Be sure to place a lid on a large pot to retain steam.

Before adding vegetables to your mixture, let your spaghetti noodles soften for a while.

Open lid, and add your vegetables of choice.

Cook your mixture as you finish boiling your spaghetti.

Drain out the liquid, and add tomato sauce. Warm it up, and stir it.

Serve it to your family, and make a difference when going meatless.

For gas range users


Be careful when using gas ranges. One slip may result to a serious fire. You should also be careful when using electric ranges because, hot elements can burn you, or start a fire.

If you suspected your children has been playing with fire, and you discovered you are in danger of a serious fire, call the emergency services immediately. Teenagers should NOT play with fire under any circumstances. All parents should teach children about fire safety at all costs. Watching educational TV is NOT affective.

If you are a gas range user; set a large pot on a burner. And make sure children is away from this unit. Cause this unit uses an open flame… materials should be away from this device at all costs to prevent fires from starting. Always turn off the gas burner when the unit is not in use. If you were about to get the pot off the range, turn the burner off first.

Use the instructions above to cook your meal.

Curious about this safety implementation what I just established?

If for some reason; your mixture is about to boil over; always turn off the range. Cycling the range off before draining the liquid after boiling noodles is necessary to prevent accidental burning, or injuries. Since hot surface elements may result to serious burns, or even fire; you should only allow members of your family to use these devices,–if you as a parent trust them. If they failed to meat fire safety as you expected; ban them from using these devices,–until they proof they’re taking fire safety seriously. If they lie; you may need to get help immediately, or have them reeducated as soon as possible.

Newer electric ranges may have a keypad to enable you to keep track of legitimate usages of your range. This is useful to keep bullies from using this device for any of these illegal activities:

  • Abusive schemes
  • Playing with fire
  • Using the cook top as a torcher device
  • Starting fires

If you were leaving children at home with any of these kids who were teenagers who were misrepresenting their responsibilities; don’t do it! Instead, hire a certified babysitter who will monitor your children. Never rely on your own kids who were old enough to become babysitters under any circumstances.

If you suspected fire, or you smell smoke; leave your home, and contact emergency services.

Why replace meatballs

This is necessary to offset carbon, and rely on a cruelty-free diet for some vegetarians.

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