Why It Takes Time To Train Your Animal To Be Ridden?

Everyday, we ride different animals in our imagination, or via the real world. But some people has been rushing to have their animals ridden now. But Before you ever start riding your animals… you need to slow down, and take your time when training your animals to be ridden. If you rush; your animal you want to ride may NOT budge!

Usually, training an animal for riding always starts off with a young animal. Whether if you wanted to have a slow relaxing ride, or an exciting fast ride… you have to take some time with training, and bonding with your animal. Training your animal without painful methods of training is kind of like teaching your child something new. Your animal gets conditioned by you. Since you are a trainer… you have responsibility with your animal, and welfare expenses,–including medical expenses for your animal what you’re training.

Say if: You are training your new breed of giant rabbits for riding by anyone of all ages… and you developed a new breed of these rabbits to ride,–due to a strategically planned location where its free of predatory animals, or a place where predatory animals are culled off. You implemented a protected system to keep your rabbits running freely, and you had a large rabbit hutch where you enable them to sleep at night, but you provided extra large places to hide as a safety feature. You were bonding with your large rabbit, and you were conditioning it to be ridden as she gets older. You provided her food on a regular basis, and you groom her on a regular basis to keep her healthy. You had a powerful AC unit to keep your rabbit cool during the hot days, and a heater to keep her warm in the cold days. With all of your training with your large rabbit… You train her without inducing any pain. However; you confirmed your large rabbit is big, and strong enough to carry a person, and you took some time for your large rabbit to give you a ride inside your hiding area what you’ve just made earlier. However; your rabbit exchanges a pain-free experience to you,–du to your slow time-taking methods of training. This method of training is painless.

That’s a time-taking method to train your animal. Isn’t it?

However; some people has forced an animal what they want to ride to be ridden without training. It used to be like this since long time ago. But this is common when creating a new set of animals to be ridden. It takes experience, and generations to develop a breed of animals for riding. But some people has been rushing these creatures to be trained,–all without any studying, researching, and knowledge of these animals being selected for riding. That can also take selective breeding, or other means to develop a new breed of animals. Domestication of a horse was established since years ago. This is NOT limited to camels, donkeys, elephants, and other large animals for riding.

Fake Animals To Ride Should Always Go First

Some people were NOT comfortable with taking some time. with a real animal being trained for riding. At minimum; get yourself a fake version of animal to ride, you can order a custom toy to ride. Be sure to make a special order. This is useful to encourage toy makers to make these toys larger for adults.

You can go on a carousel ride, and pretend you’re riding animals in your imagination. This is a useful starting point for your riding experience. These fake animals don’t need any lunch breaks, sleep, or even food to eat. However; people has made an excuse why they don’t want to start off with fake animals. These are the excuses below… and they should NOT be excused under any circumstances:

Common Excuse Why this excuse should NOT be used?

Its only for small children…

I grew out of riding on this thing, I wanted to ride my real animals like a real adult. And that’s my way of experiencing riding animals with a real deal.

Its okay to start off with fake electronic animals to ride. This is important to offset time with your chosen animal to ride. It may take some time for you to be comfortable with using a simulator first. You may need to get yourself a custom-ordered personal ride system that will get you started. If you were at the amusement park, and you need help finding a ride that is large enough with your prefered interest; tell the managers to order custom-sized rides, or ask them to enlarge these rides for everybody,–not just children.

I’m too old for this toy!

I used to ride this, but not anymore.

Don’t let big toy makers infringe your rights,–based-on your age. This is illegal in some states. You can create a petition to encourage toy makers to make large formats for adults too. These toy makers should serve the same way for vegetarians because, these children’s toys with ride-on animals or characters help offset use of real animals.

Some people has taken longer hours to fully train animals to be ridden. When I was a little boy, I ridden on a rocking-horse, ridden on a swing that has fake dogs to ride, and I also ridden a yellow ducky at a playground. I belive using these playground toys as a starting point is important. Well, I used to ride on a back of a dog. Never the less… I explored other animal-based stationary rides that enable me to feel what is like to ride real animals in the real world.

I’ve watched many TV shows of people riding horses, elephants, camels, and even reindeer! Well, some people who were making money with tourist attractions didn’t even care about their animals who were using for riding, they just wanted to make more money. Not even 1 dollar is used for their expenses for their animals, such as medical expenses, food, shelter, fresh water, protection, painless training methods, and more. Nosey is the known elephant who was abused by her trainers everywhere around the USA, and other countries. The way how animals trainers force animals to be ridden is by denying food and water, and confinement,
spanking, lashing, and beating as a way to break their spirit. But these trainers are training these animals the wrong way. There’s no rush for these animals to be ready for riding.

If you were training your new animal for riding… that requires you to bond with your animal, and socialization,–along with food and water. Exercise is necessary for them to keep their bodies healthy. You take some time during the time when you come back from work, or you came back from shopping for food for your animals. Having your animal ready to be ridden is kind of like programming software for your computer, or developing a new machine, but an animal should NOT be forced to be ridden as machines. In common; an animal needs time to sleep. That enables your animal to reset, and memorize what he/she has learned. They also need breaks too,–just like us at our work environment. If you slow down, and you rely on a painless training methods on a regular basis… the more the animal will confirm if you’re not a harm to him/her. Teaching your animal to carry a person takes very long to establish. Most common animal riders rely on traditional training methods that are painful.

Think about programming a new robot… you carefully add lines of code. The more lines of code you written… more likely your animal for riding can memborize all of the commands.

Riding animals may be fun… but you have to be considerate before you train them. In some cases; you may need to develop a new breed of animals for riding. That also requires selective, or natural breeding to size, strength, food requirements, and use. For example; you developed a large dog for riding from the ground up; and its built to carry a person, but only 1 person riding on her back. You wanted a furry animal that doesn’t need a saddle, but a cloth of some sort that will enable you to ride it with a comfortable ride, or what I just mentioned earlier; you developed a new breed of rabbits to ride from the ground up. It takes lots of generations to successfully develop a new breed of animals for riding.

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