Why Is NOT A Good Idea To Use Live Endangered Tiger Cubs As Props For Selfies?

Tigers… the endangered big cats that were either hunted, or poached has been pushed towards the brink of extinction. Some people used live endangered tiger cubs as props for selfies. Many mother tigers has their cubs stolen after birth. This tigress was also suffered cruel confinement, and no access to basic activities… such as; hunting, running free in the wild, and raising cubs for a new generation of tigers. You’ve heard of these stuffed animals that are related to tigers, but none of these people has bought them as an alternative to real tiger cubs. Many activists has tried to free these lonely cubs from these barbaric people who were involved in poaching cubs, and killing the tigress who is trying to raise her cub to teach her basic lessons what tigers can do in nature.

The Problem

Once there was a tigress who lives in the protected jungle, raising her little cub. She is teaching her how to hunt, and live in the jungle, and spot potential dangers found in forests.

Mother tiger feeds her some milk as other tigresses were just hunting on their own. Her cub begins to know the world, and her mother. Father tiger watches over a tiger cub,–protecting her from threats.

Suddenly, there was a loud BANG! Father tiger has been killed by poachers for his bones and flesh. The tigress was startled by the loud bang. But she is doing what tigers do in nature. But the tiger cub was sad. She wanted her father back! But she can’t get her father back because, he was dead, or in some cases… slaughtered for meat. Maybe tiger burgers, and tiger steaks, or even tiger chops. Wait a minute! Who in the right mind to slaughter tigers for meat and their bones? This is kind of scary.

Her cub really likes her mother so much; she kept close with her for a long time,–until she is old enough to live in a forest. But she’s NOT ready to live in her own. Other tiger cubs were just safe with their mother tigresses.

However, the tigress is about to give her baby a ride on her back, but these poachers has grabbed the tigress’s cub from her side, the tigress launches an attack, but she was killed by the poachers who were stealing the tiger cub. Mother tigress was left in the jungle in pain when she was shot. Since tigers are solitary animals; they don’t have any social groups to get instant help.

The tiger cub was struck with a whip, a rod, and other dangerous items.

She was forced to do tricks, and become props for selfies.

Tourists has been attracted to this place where live animal selfies taken place.

However; tiger cubs has been killed after use as props. Many of these cubs didn’t get a chance to grow up what some activists expected them to grow up in the wild.

This is a sad story for a tiger cub who was taken from her mother, and killed after being used as props for selfies. And many poachers has been fueling this cruel practice since tigers were first taken out of the wild.

What You Should Do?

Always speak up for tigers. Find a group, or organization who will support a cause to protect tigers from going extinct via illegal hunting, poaching, and cruel methods of taiming.

Don’t use real tiger cubs as props for selfies. Use stuffed animals that are similar to real tiger cubs instead. You may need to research your nearby store for these items, or order these items online. Not just these realistic toys will offset use of tiger cubs… they will also be useful for reducing expensive transporting, hunting, and taiming of these animals. However; this toy is only marketed to children, but you can give it a try to reduce use of real tiger cubs,–if your strategy fails, you may need to make a special order of these toys. They can be handled multiple times.

Report a problem with a fair,–if they still use live tiger cubs for selfies by going to the customer care center.

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