Animal Sacrifice As A Richual Is Animal Cruelty? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

Vegetarians don’t participate in this barbaric richual. Honoring any worshipped entity by killing animals as a richual is a cruel activity what people should stop. This is kind of a serious issue happening in some countries. For example; an annual seal slaughter in Canada. This cruel act of violence should be removed from our tradition. And many activists has been trying to stop the mass killing of seals. This richual should NOT be honored because, you can hurt the ecosystem; and our planet.

Bull Fighting

In Mexico, Spain, France, and other countries. Bull fighting is the traditional sport/richual where the matador fights a bull, and the bull usually loses his life. The bull attempts to charge at the red cape; and the matador dodges the bull. Spectators watch the action.

If the matador kills the bull during the end of the battle; the bull may be converted into meat for the village, or disposed via fire, or something.

Many Mexicans believe bull fighting is cruel, and it should be abolished. This long tradition isn’t just a cruel richual… its also a blood sport.

Religious Animal Sacrifice

This is the another form of a cruel culture! Many animals has been killed to honor their beliefs; but this kind of a richual should NOT be honored for any reason, or any other circumstances. If you were participating in this activity; you are supporting a cruel event that is barbaric! And you’re also putting yourself in danger.

What if you woke up this morning; and you were just minding your own business; working with your animals; and you were just enjoying some time with your furry friends, but the evil squad of barbaric humans has stole them from your farm, or your home. This is the known issue for people who own animals.

Rabbits, dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, foxes, chickens, ducks, geese, swans, and other untargeted animals are the known victims of a heartless culture. This form of cruelty can be defined by many animal activists. There’s no such law that will prevent religious organizations from performing this richual. But shockingly, Islamic culture still performs this cruel richual in most Islamic territories. Not even one travel agency has blocked certain countries where they condone animal sacrifice.

Annual Seal Slaughter

This is the another cruel richual that is indeed harmful to our ecosystem. Seals are the known animals hunted by orcas, polar bears, and sharks. This wasteful slaughter for seal skin is also a worse nightmare for animal lovers around the world. This cruel annual event is done each year. If you did an annual slaughter of seals around the world… you are pushing these animals to extinction, and you will harm the planet forever. Seals don’t deserved to be slaughtered! Simply just leave them be, and listen to these activists,–calling on you to put an end to this richual, and make it illegal.

What You Should Do?

Don’t participate in any of these events. If you were a religious person; contact your religious organization to abolish animal sacrifice to save multiple animals from this barbaric event.

Find events where animal sacrifice is NOT present.

Start a new religion from scratch.

Go vegetarian or vegan, and contact your desired animal activism organization.

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