Why Is NOT A Good Idea To Use Orcas As Performers For Shows?

You heard of an incident involving a trainer who is killed when performing with an orca in SeaWorld. However; orcas belong in deep seas, and in the wild. These smart creatures don’t deserve to be confined to tight tanks. But SeaWorld’s false-advertising schemes has been causing more people to come to the same cruel place. Orcas tend to live longer in the wild because, they already have enough space to swim around with their family. In common… orcas don’t need to perform because, they’re NOT built for shows.

The Problem

Once there was an orca, happily swimming in the ocean,–deep underwater. These amazing killer whales enjoy hunting in a large team. These pods of whales has inspired people around the world. Watch how these animals swim, and hunt. Their long lifespan,–longer than our lifespan. Splashing with their tail, and making big dives that can make a loud SPLASH!!

You can take a ride on a submarine deep underwater to see these orcas in action. Or you can use an unmanned sub to see them onscreen. Whales live with a group called a pod. That’s the only way to see these live orcas underwater. There’s no need to use these animals for shows, however, fake orcas are common for children to imagine swimming with orcas, or riding them. Well, adults are missing out on these fake orcas what they used to have as a child.
And some people has a different idea. They had an idea of getting real orcas, and that’s when the scheme has been started.

Suddenly; people has started catching these orcas for their show at their parks, or theaters. one of them has been kept in a tank for a long time. There’s no way to have fun, but swim in a very little tank that is too difficult to exercise in.

That’s one sad orca who wanted to be free, but trained with cruel methods of training. The place didn’t even build a robotic orca at all! This is NOT good for one orca.

For many years, one orca that was featured in a film, Blackfish has taken out one of its trainers, and one has drowned to death. This is one consequence if you take an orca from a sea, and force training for it to perform. Since orcas are great hunters; they can hunt common animals as their normal source of food.

Tilikum is a known orca who is mistreated by these trainers at SeaWorld. Not even one bite of food is given to him. This neglectful practice has been going for some years via most whale trainers… who in the right mind to withhold food for this amazing orca? If I were a trainer; I’ll rely on a robotic orca as an alternative to catching orcas wild.

According to PETA, an animal activism group, a captive orca has died in a small tank,–due to stress, and denial of care by the keepers who kept orcas. In the natural world, orcas live longer, and they swim for many miles. They hunt in teams. For example; they can hunt seal, and other animals. These amazing marine animals are deep divers! Well, I don’t support captive orca breeding because, its expensive,and it takes lots of resources.

Many of these trainers who were riding orcas, or encourage their customers to ride orcas are susceptible to be bitten. Being an orca trainer takes skill, and risk. But these trainers hasn’t been starting off with fake versions of these animals,–claiming they’re for small children only. But these excuses should NOT be tolerated for many activists who condemned using orcas as show animals for performances and riding as stressful, and cruel.

In fact, the Orca Act has been established to ban captive breeding of orcas. That means, its illegal to capture orcas, and use them as show animals for amusement parks, theaters, and other places. This is kind of a good thing when this law has been established, in some countries, like Canada; captive breeding has been outlawed to save these endangered whales from going extinct in the future. That can cause SeaWorld itself to lose customers,–and they can’t breed any new captive whales!

What You Should Do?

Watch Blackfish, a movie that features an orca at SeaWorld.

Support the Orca Act, don’t use live orcas as show animals; you can find animal-free alternatives that will match your likings. For example; relying on fake inflatable orcas that are custom-made for riding can reduce breeding costs of orcas.

Don’t go to SeaWorld, and other SeaWorld-related places. Try other places that are alternatives to SeaWorld. You may need to research which place you want to go to.

Build a robotic orca that is easy to program. This is great for people who wanted to have a performing orca without risking a real orca taken from the sea. However; you may need to experiment with your project. Open-source software is available to reduce costs. Don’t go for a proprietary versions of these large items. Always go for a non-branded material that is safe to reuse.

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