Why Its NOT A Good Idea to Use Live Endangered Sea Turtles As Props For Selfies?

Sea Turtles aren’t designed for props as selfies. These endangered turtles needs to be saved from being exploited by people. Animal activists has encouraged us to keep sea turtles in the wild. These endangered animals like these are susceptible to be wiped to extinction. Poachers has been tormenting these sea turtles for years since 1970s. Before we ever encountered these turtles… they used to be plenty of these amazing turtles who live in the sea. However, people has been poaching turtles out of control.

The Problem

It starts off with people going to the beach, and share their fun with their online friends who were trying to get updates from these people. So what they just did, they pulled and tormented these sea turtles who were just minding their own business… swimming and finding some food to eat, and recovering from going extinct. These turtles were just enjoying their peaceful swim with other turtle family members,–and turtle friends.

One turtle was hurt when being forced to have a person surf on his/her shell. I think this turtle is NOT strong enough to carry a person at all, because due to their adaptation to swim underwater… their shells aren’t built to handle heavy riders. That’s why these animals are NOT designed to used for surfing purposes.

All of that abuse has caused these amazing sea turtles to lose stable numbers of sea turtle population. I think 100,000 sea turtles are NOT enough to cover scaring away jellyfish for us. That takes more of these important animals to scare away more jellyfish,–serving us safe areas of these oceans for us to swim in.

According to Peta, these people in Queensland, Austrailia has been surfing on a real turtle,–using them as props for selfies, and posting it on facebook, and other social networking sites. This turtle doesn’t deserve to be dragged out of the ocean!

Some sea turtles has died when being pulled from the ocean, or killed by greedy people for selfies that are cruel, and barberric. In fact… sea turtles aren’t built to be surfed on, or ridden by anyone around the world. These fragile animals don’t have this functionality to be ridden, or be kept as working animals. Leatherback sea turtles are more fragile than any other sea turtles on the face of the planet.

What I dislike about using sea turtles as selfies is the following:

  • They’re not ours to use because, they’re endangered animals that really need our help,–so they can steer away from extinction caused by poachers, tormenters, and selfish groups of people who didn’t even care about animals.
  • They need to be free for the rest of their lives.
  • Their shells are NOT strong enough to be ridden by a person. Their shells that are lighter by design are built to be light enough for them to swim away from predators, such as sharks, and other predators. What makes them really special… they can scare jellyfish away from our beaches. Maybe these animals eat jellyfish to keep the jellyfish population balanced. Cause without them… our beaches will be too dangerous for us to go in the ocean.

My thoughts of staying away from crowds from using sea turtles for selfies is kind of like saving 1 or more sea turtles from being used by bad guys. If you offset these bad selfies by 99% by choosing to keep sea turtles in the wild, and doing activities that are alternatives to making selfies with live sea turtles; you can spare them by 75% at a time.

What You Should Do?

However; if you wanted a turtle for your selfies on your profile on your social media account, or any media… don’t hunt for a real turtle, and use it. Instead… go to your local toy store, and find a large enough stuffed sea turtle that you can use without harming any animals. But one problem is; these toys are designed for little children. If this is the case, make a special order. Get help with an employee who works at the toy store when making special orders. You may need to take custom measurements of yourself in order for your custom toy to be made. Go for a non-proprietary version of these toys, NOT a branded and trademarked version of this toy. That enables you to use this item commercially.

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