Vegetarians Don’t Purchase Products Containing Ivory? No They Don’t In My Opinion!

There was a battle between people who were saving the elephants and rhinocerous species from extinction. Ivory trades is still running illegally. Well, I don’t possess ivory products because, I think vegetarians don’t hunt elephants and rhinos. Everyday, we were trying to save these important animals from the illegal ivory trade. Ivory trade requires people to hunt these endangered animals. These animals were targeted by poachers who were responsible for illegal killings.

If you were a vegetarian who is about to go to a store where expensive products are sold. You may need to check these labels found on these products. If you found these products containing ivory… leave it on a shelf. Instead; look for ivory-free products. If you have trouble… get help with an employee who works there to get you steered to the right products you want to use for your home. Whether if you were decorating your backyard, balcony, or your kitchen. Alternatives to ivory are available. If we managed to choose ivory-free products… that will cause the ivory industry to go out of trade, and out of business. It may take some time to explore ivory-free products, and save the elephants from extinction, and save the rhinos too!


When looking for ivory-free products at your local store where expensive products are sold. Be sure to pay attention to these materials that are used for manufacturing these products. Ivory-free products can be made of metal, plastic, glass, and other material that doesn’t require any killing of animals… newer pianos use plastic keys to further phase out keys that are made of ivory. Antiques are the known items that may be built from ivory, and other materials mixed in. Antique dice, dominoes, and other antiques are the known products containing ivory be design. However; ivory-free dominoes may be coming soon, but you may need to check with this tore if they sell the products. If they’re not available. you can make your own products that are ivory-free!

You can combine materials that will simulate ivory. But you can experiment doing this trick when doing art. If you managed to make products that are free of ivory… and you sold it to store where expensive products are sold… you can enable vegetarians to buy expensive products.

The verdict

Well, vegetarians don’t need to rely on ivory because, vegetarians don’t hunt animals, and they don’t rely on ivory trades that are illegal. My thought of leaving ivory out of my apartment is kind of like trading a gas-powered heating furnace for an electric furnace. If you have a gas-powered furnace for heating… you need to rely on drilling for gas, and distributing it to your customers. That hunting elephants for their tusks, meat, and skin. That can also harm rhinos too… but if you have an electric furnace, you rely on an electrical service to generate heat to warm up your home. You don’t need to drill for gas, and distribute it to your customers. It’s kind of like saving these animals from going extinct.

I do support banning of all ivory trades because, I don’t possess ivory under any circumstances. Ivory is NOT suitable for vegetarians because, if you purchase any product from a store containing ivory… you are supporting the cruel ivory trade that is illegal.

What you should do?

  • Don’t go on any hunting trips in Africa, Asia, or any other place.
  • Don’t purchase any product what has ivory in it.
  • Support organizations who save elephants everyday.
  • Make a video campaign about why you should never support the ivory industry.
  • Don’t attend any richuals where hunting elephants is involved.
  • Always go on a hunt for ivory-free products. They might be available at your local stores near you.

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