There’s An Array Of Fake Animals You Can use For Riding… However They’re NOT Just For Kids Anymore

How many of you used stuffed animals as an alternative to using real animals for riding,–useful if you want to entertain yourself without using any animals. I believe some vegetarian ride animals, and some don’t. If I can get my calculations correct. Most ride-on stuffed animal toys for kids are usually targeted to young children. And I believe toy-makers didn’t develop any adult versions of their products. If they did… they can be useful for people who wanted to having riding experience,–before riding real animals.

However, training your real animals to be ridden requires bonding with your animal, training without inducing pain, and strategic equipment for riding animals. For example; you trained your large custom-bred sheep to be ridden by anyone,–due to strategic breeding. You trained your mew commands with a painless format. But you don’t ride your sheep with a long duration… instead, you start off with a short duration. But you strategically take some time.


In common… most people started riding real animals right-away. It’s been done for many generations. Many people started riding horses, ponies, cattle, elephants,and other animals to reduce all of that walking.

You heard of these elephants used for riding has been whipped by bullhooks, and electrocuted by prods, and in some cases… forced to give people rides,–all without any training that doesn’t induce any pain! Baby elephants are usually stolen from their mothers living in herds. Many mother elephants has been trying to get help from us to get her baby returned. Usually baby elephants stay with their mother for a long time,–until they’re old enough to live independently,–just like humans at age 21 start to live independently. That’s why you’ve seen people who keep elephants has been attacked by their own animals. In my opinion… if you used painful formats of training elephants, they can go out of control overtime. Musth is common for bull elephants! They can go out of control,–ignoring all commands. Mahouts often tie down bulls to prevent them from attacking themselves, or other people. That is one example of an elephant taking revenge against a keeper.

Why this is a problem when you force an elephant to be ridden without any required training that is painless?

  • Since elephants live in the wild… that takes lots of effort to prepare an elephant for riding, or being trained as a working animal. For example; a mahout uses painless training formats to train an elephant with a slow strategic timing. The keeper bonds with an elephant for a long time via training hours. However… like us; we need a break after we do our work at our workplace.
  • Elephants aren’t ready to be ridden when being “unboxed”. Like computers… and other devices, they don’t come with training manuals, warranties, nor replacement parts. However; elephants require food, water, and necessary care to keep them in good standing, and in good health.
  • Using painful formats to train elephants can induce injuries, and other issues. Most elephants in circuses were abused with this training format.

However, if you were about to train an elephant for riding without needing to start off with a real elephant… you may need to get yourself a fake version of an elephant to ride on. You have to check the toy store, or any merchant if fake elephants for adults to ride on are available.

Well, I do like riding animals, but its always a good idea to start off with fake ones instead. Say if for example; I wanted to ride a large white rabbit, but I don’t have any large rabbits at this time. I choose to get me a custom-sized large stuffed white rabbit to ride,–strategically measured for adult riders. And I requested to add sensors that will make it go,–wheather if I used my foot to command her to go forward, or steer left/right. if I used my painless training format; that will enable my large rabbit to receive training without pain. If I successfully trained my rabbit to be ridden. I’ll continue with a fake version,–until I’m satisfied with my training format. Then upgrade to a real version of a large rabbit,–strategically bred large enough to be ridden.

Here are these animals you should skip riding,–until they recover from extinction:

  • Elephant
  • Sea turtle
  • Tortoise
  • dolphin
  • Shark
  • Reindeer
  • And other endangered animals

Again, you can find fake alternatives to riding these real animals. These fake items can also be useful for therapy sessions, fairs, and more,–without needing real animals. That can also offset capturing, lassoing, and transporting of these animals that need to be saved from being abused, or brought to extinction. You can also get large version of these items that match your favorite pets/animals!

Riding a merry-go-round is the another way to simulate riding animals. But some other rides,–like children’s rides are a pain to adults, but you can request an enlarged version of these rides by going to the customer care center. That will take some time for your request to take affect.

In common… rocking-horses has been enlarged for adults,–after they’re been first developed. This is one version of a fake animal what you can ride. But if you ever ridden one before… you may do it again sometime.

Fake animals don’t need any lunch breaks, or food because, these stuffed animals that you can ride on can reduce training time for real big animals to ride. In my opinion; many stuffed animal toys targeted to children hasn’t been enlarged for years,–after they’re been developed. But I went to the mall once, and I’ve ridden on these stuffed animals that are motorized. It’s kind of like being a kid again all right… but these money-saving machines has offset these common large animals being trained for riding. And I really like these devices. If they have them bigger… that will be great!

How to find large stuffed animals you want to ride, and think about painless training:

Go to the toy store at your local city/town, and find the large stuffed animals you want to customize for riding for your large home/apartment. Ask for a special order. And tell them why you want to make a special order.

If they have stuffed animals available to buy, and they’re large enough; you need to have it shipped to you. try it out,–before you make a purchase decision.

Go for a high quality versions of these large stuffed animals that are customizable.

If you successfully chosen a stuffed animals in question to convert it for riding… make a purchase, be sure to varify if it’s large enough for you before purchasing.

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