Vegetarian Magic: Leave Chicken Off Your Plate

You like chickens all right… but you refused to eat them!

Some people has left chicken off their plates because, they don’t want to risk consuming chicken that is too risky to consume,–after it was slaughtered on a factory farm. Chickens are the abused animals on the face of the planet. These birds that were raised for meat hasn’t been treated properly. In common; these chickens were placed in tiny cages,–where they can’t spread even 1 wing, or walk around, just like a prison cell cramming inmates. They’re been treated like egg-machines, all without any breaks, exercise, or playtime with their owners.

Within this trick… I’ll show you how to leave chicken off your plate,–along with some potential problems you may encounter.


Leaving chicken off your plate is kind of simple… and its fun to replace chicken with vegetarian alternatives. Not just you will offset meat from our stores… you will save over 30 chickens weekly,–depending on your impact.

Why do this trick?

According to animal activists… eating chicken supports a cruel meat industry. That can also put you in danger of being flagged for cancer risk. These superbugs are deadly to us, and it can be dangerous when we eat chicken each day. This is kind of scary to me! However; I stopped eating chicken altogether as I went vegetarian since 2014.

Earlier… I showed you a trick to leave eggs off your plate to spare a chicken’s life. If you don’t want to support the egg industry… you have to leave chicken off your plate immediately. That can also reduce carbon, and water shortage.

To do this trick:

Plan your session to opt out of eating chicken, and supporting the egg industry. Type it up, or write it down. If you already written it down, post it at your dining room of your home, or kitchen. If you have children… remind them about a vegetarian transition.

If there was a mass recall of chicken products… replace them with vegetarian alternatives immediately!

By the next time you are shopping at your local store, choose vegetarian alternatives to chicken. There are many alternatives to chicken out there. But there are some products you can try out at your local store. If you can’t find them… get help with a manager, or try a different store.

What You Should Do?

Don’t do any business with any company who raise chickens for meat. If you were still doing business with them… find the another job, and tell you employer why you’re switching jobs.

Don’t go to any restaurant where chicken is sold… such as KFC, Chick-fil-a, popeye’s, and more.

Don’t be a chicken farmer who raise chickens for meat. If you were still farming chickens for meat… let your customers know you’re no longer farming chickens for meat. You can say for example: All of our remaining chickens who were still laying eggs will be adopted out,–including chickens that are taken to slaughter will end at midnight. This is useful if you were converting chickens to therapy animals, pets, or companion animals.

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