Milestone: Vegetarian for 3 years and counting!

Since 2014; I finally left meat off my plate,–after I was inspired by a video about the meat industry abusing animals that are raised for meat. I’ve taken a look of these videos online… and I thought of going back to vegetarian since I was a little boy.

Now I can able to cut pollution by 75% as I continue relying on a vegetarian diet. Not just going vegetarian saves water, it also saves animals.


This is why I should be a vegetarian:

During the times I was a little boy, I only ate vegetables, and other vegetarian products. I have to eat many types of greens, along with specialized dietary supplements,–if needed. I heavily relied on eating lots of beans; and other vegetables that is good to eat.

Leaving meat off my plate is the right thing what I did years ago. I managed to revert to vegetarian 3 since 2013; but it takes some effort for me to successfully reach a goal of going vegetarian altogether.

There’s one thing what my mother didn’t teach me about other things what vegetarian don’t rely on. However; vegetarians don’t need pest-controlling services because, vegetarians often own animals, such as mice, rats, rabbits, or any other animal what they own. In my opinion; vegetarians don’t need mouse-traps, rat-traps, rodenticides, glue traps, exterminators, or any other products and services that harm animals.

Chickens, ducks,geese, cattle, pigs,rabbits, turkeys, goats, sheep, yacks, and other animals raised for meat is the known issue on our planet. Meat trades are the known issues around the world. The reason why I’ll never eat any other meats because, some meats are illegal, for example; endangered pangolins… these animals were illegally hunted for meat and skin,–pushing them to extinction. Most meat industries push animals to extinction because, during the time of cavemen, they only ate meat, but some cavemen has only eaten vegetables because, they don’t like to hunt for meat. Well, we’re no longer cavemen, we don’t need any nutrients from meat, but vegetables what we eat today has various nutrients that are good for us.

I managed to stick with all vegetarian products what I bought from stores what I go to monthly; but these products what inspired me has lead me to choosing vegetarianism over eating meat!

Now its easier for me to modify some foods what I can make with meatless versions of my favorite foods

I started doing these vegetarian hacks as I prepare my own food via a microwave oven. I managed to keep my food cooked the right way. I have to boil pasta, and add sauces to finish up my food being prepared. I also added vegetables to replace hamburger, chicken, or turkey. I started doing this hack since 2013. And I still do today. But I haven’t do any future vegetarian hacks just yet.

I’ve planned on publishing vegetarian hacks as I write new posts on my vegetarian blog,–so I can share you some tricks what I can do.

What do you think about my 3-year milestone of vegetarianism? Got any to say, feel free to leave comments below this post.

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