Vegetarian Magic: Leave Beef Off Your Plate

Cattle raised for beef is the another source of pollution! Many cattle has been branded, and castrated without any pain-killers,–or surgery performed by a licensed animal surgent. Getting grass-fed beef is too difficult now these days, but the catch is; beef stays in your systems for 6 or more years,–according to my cousin who left beef off his plate years ago. In common… red meat is NOT healthy for your body. Never the less; beef products come from slaughtered cows… it’s not limited to steers, dairy cattle are slaughtered,–usually converted to hamburger and other meat products. In some religions,–like Hinduism… cattle is treated like people who live in your country. And its illegal to slaughter cattle for meat.! Believe it or not, some people can’t eat beef because of food allergies. That means, you will miss out on your favorite snacks, lunches, and dinner plates what you’ve eaten earlier.

Some people don’t want to eat beef because, cattle are their animals. But some parents often figure out why some of their children don’t want to eat meat. At this case, my mother discovered I only eat vegetables, and fish on Fridays. If you were a parent who has trouble leaving beef off your plate, and your kids were trying to help you, and your strategy fails. There’s a way to keep it going…


Within this article, I’ll show you how to leave beef off your plate,–along with some potential issues you may encounter.

Leaving beef off your plate can reduce all of the pollution generated by slaughterhouses. In fact; it takes lots of water to produce pounds of beef. If you left 4 pounds of beef out of your freezer; how much water you will save? Leaving beef off your plate doesn’t just save water, it also save cattle from being slaughtered for meat. If you owned a grocery store where you sell food for your town, and you discontinued sales of beef… that’s more than enough to spare maybe about 20 cows, this is useful if you wanted to transition to a vegetarian store that is dedicated to sell vegetarian products.

This is useful if you were preparing to leave beef off your plate because, there’s a superbug, a blizzard that wiped out a cattle farm, beef has been placed on a “no eat” list… meaning you have to leave beef off your plate as a mandatory advisory to keep you and your community safe, or a religious rule,–or a doctor’s order.

If you intentionally left beef off your plate

If you believed eating beef is all bad… and you heard the news about problems when eating red meats. you had an option to go to the store to buy vegetarian products. It can cost more money, but your strategy will pay for itself overtime. Here are some replacement strategies you can try for your efforts to replace beef:

Try to slowly phase out hamburgers,–if you were planning a dinner that will establish a milestone of transitioning to vegetarian burgers on your next burger dinner. Try not to rush it,–unless you were ordered to discard all beef products,–if ordered to do so by your goverment. That usually happens if a cattle farm in question is infected with mad cow disease, animal cruelty, loss of cattle,–due to winter blast/blizzard, etc.

If you don’t have any beef products in your freezer, but you were going to the store, be sure to shop for all beef replacements that will enable your children to leave meat off their plates. Be sure to contact their school cafeteria for implementing special vegetarian food. It may take some time for these requests to fully take effect.

It may be tricky to fill your freezer with vegetarian products. Sorting your vegetarian products is important to prevent your items from being cluttered.At minimum… purchase an upright freezer, and use it as a dedicated freezer for your vegetarian products. That will make it easier for your children to choose vegetarian products that are simple to cook. That can make it easier for your family to cook food independently. For example; your child is using a microwave oven to cook a bowl of broccoli with cheese sauce, and you are cooking a baked potato. That can speed up cooking time,–if you cook as a group.

Cooking vegetables isn’t just fun, you can eat vegetables raw if you want to. Some vegetarian foods can taste differently, but you will get used to it overtime.

What happens if you do this trick daily

That will enable farm animals,–such as cattle to be rescued from cruelty faster. Stocks for the meat industry will fall. And slaughterhouses will close. Gallons of water will be saved daily, carbon will be reduced daily. And waste will be reduced.

More gardens will be planted, and forests will be protected against logging, and deforestation. Reduced resources, and cleaner air. It’s kind of like offsetting 200 cattle daily from slaughter.

If beef cattle farms shrink in size, that’s more than enough to free up land to be used for gardening, and be reclaimed by nature. If you take 365 days of vegetarianism with all your kids, and your friends, and your family; that will reduce some carbon overtime. In my opinion, maybe 100,000 cattle can be reduced to only 100,–establishing a small cattle farm exclusively for dairy. If cattle has been reduced by 75% in the USA,–applies to cattle raised for beef. It can offset carbon quickly.

If you prepared yourself to leave beef off your plate,–due to predicted loss of cattle for beef

What’s mentioned above; if you recently hear a news about loss of cattle,–due to a powerful disease, a powerful blizzard, or superbugs. That means leaving beef off your plate should start immediately. If I can predict, like during the spring. If cattle experienced a new kind of disease; that means; we have to stop eating meat for good. For example; 200 cattle has been tested for a new kind of a superbug that isn’t going to be cured via any vaccination for cattle. That can result to death of cattle, and it can spread from one cow to the another,–especially grass-fed beef cattle. Since I don’t support rasing cattle for beef… I already left meat off my plate. However; if you were about to have a beef dinner watch out! A superbug can be lurking, and that will be a disaster.

If There Was A Superbug Wiping Out Cattle:

If I believe cattle starts to be wiped out by a superbug, that can result to a loss of revenue of the meat industry.

For example:

A superblizzard in February has caused 2500 cattle to run to the barn for heat. But many of the other 4000 cattle are just grazing happily on an open field. But many of the cattle has been covered in a blanket of snow that reached up to their backs. That caused some of the farmer’s cattle to freeze to death. But the 2500 cattle has reached the barn without any trouble, but they’re tested for a superbug that is known to infect cattle that are raised for beef.

This superbug has been living in one of the cows’ tummies! But only 1 cow has survived the outbreak because, she isn’t used for beef, but for riding via her owner, and tourists instead… she’s a lucky cow who is the last one alive on this farm. However; the farmer never eats his own beef because, he was inspired by stores where owners can’t purchase their own products. And the beef farmer filed for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. And his farm has been closed for meat production,–resulting his slaughterhouse closed forever.

If there was a beef outage,–caused by a superbug, that will take over 44 years for a beef supply to be restored.

If a superbug spreads from a cluster of 2000 cattle farmers who raise cattle for beef; that can cause our popular restaurants to lose revenue, and go bankrupt. That means… you won’t see your favorite burger chains, your favorite steak restaurants, and your favorite beef products.! However; you don’t need to worry about the beef industry because, as you eat vegetarian products… you are protecting yourself from this predictable superbug what I’m currently mentioning in this section. If I ate beef that is infected with a superbug… I’ll be end up in hospital, ICU, or worse!

What You Should Do?
  • Don’t go to any store,–purchasing hamburgers, ground beef, steak, or any other beef products.
  • Watch/listen for any news about a superbug what I’m predicting. This is useful if you want to prepare ahead of time.
  • Shop for vegetarian products of choice as you can. Keep at least $400 in use when choosing vegetarian products.
  • Don’t go to any steak restaurants where they traditionally sell beef steaks.
  • If you believe your beef products may be infected with a superbugs,–report it immediately! Don’t forget to have all of the contaminated beef products disposed of, or contact a disposal professional to remove all of your beef products, and clean your freezer thoroughly.

If beef cattle is wiped by a superblizzard

You’ll never know if a superblizzard will arrive.Some people predicted if ice age comes back… our cattle will be wiped. However; animal activists claimed cattle used for dairy or meat has been causing some issues with our climates. However… cattle are susceptible to being struck by cold stormy weather-like events.

Transitioning to vegetarianism is the only way to survive without eating beef. However; our bodies don’t need any nutrition from beef. But delicious vegetarian alternatives are available to get all of the nutrition from plant-based sources.

If there was an advisory of leaving beef off your plate,–issued by your government

What’s mentioned earlier; if your family and friends, and the entire nation has implemented a national ban of consuming beef. Always follow the orders of the government to keep beef off your plate. In some cases, a mandatory shipment of vegetarian products will be issued to your home. This is necessary,–if there was a beef crisis, a mass beef recall, shortage of beef,–due to cattle wiped by blizzard, lightning strikes, superfreeze, etc.


If you were already a vegetarian… you are already leaving beef off your plate.


If you were ordered to leave beef off your plate,–via an order of your doctor/nurse… in some cases; you need to rely on vegetarian replacements.

Always watch for any sign of news about beef farms shrinking; if you believe shrinking beef farms is the good thing… that means; the meat industry is losing revenue. The less cattle what we farm for beef, the faster we will reduce all of the CO2 generated by cattle. If farming cattle for beef has been outlawed,–that’s more than enough to wipe the beef industry from our nation.

Stay away from eating hamburger, and choose replacements on a daily/monthly basis. If you see any products that contain beef; leave it on a shelf!

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