Vegetarian Magic: Shop For All Vegetarian Food At Your Local Store

So you had an empty refrigerator, and you are running out of food. However; you’ve saved over $200;–after you set aside money for your next shopping trip with your family. Turns out; you can’t afford to give your children some meat to eat, or you can’t afford to buy meat for your own place because, you believe purchasing meat is expensive. The Good news is… you can buy vegetarian food to replace meat products in your own home’s refrigerator. I’ll show you which items you can get for your refridgerator or freezer.

If you previously eaten pepperoni pizza

Although; pork is not good for you. Via some religious groups… such as Judaism, pork is considered dirty meat because, pigs don’t chew cuds. Pork needs to be thoroughly cooked to kill all of the parasites. This is kind of scary if you were eating pork that is improperly cooked by your local cafe, or buffet. Since pork tapeworms eat what you’ve actually eating; that requires an operation via your local hospital to remove this deadly parasite.

If you were supposed to stay away from pork via a doctor’s order, or on demand… you need to skip all pork products. Such as sausages, ham, franks, bacon, and more.

If you were going shopping at a large store… such as Walmart; and you were at the frozen food aisle. Find some pizza that is free of pork, and other meats. Here are the tips when choosing your next frozen pizza for your next lunch at home:

  • Read the labels carefully! You need to read the labels thoroughly. Watch out for meats found at the ingredients section. If you can’t determine if your pizza only has meat by default. Most likely trade-secret is causing some issues.
  • If you see pepperoni, or ham, or any other meats as toppings, leave it in the freezer, and leave it on a shelf.
  • If you found a vegetarian pizza of choice, add it to your cart. You may buy as much units if you want.
  • If you were lucky enough to get a pizza with fish, or shrimp,–if you were a pescetarian, you can buy it as well.

If you don’t see vegetarian options… most likely these items are sold out. Alternatively; you can purchase a blank cheese pizza of choice, and add custom toppings that are vegetarian. Simply buy some cheese pizzas, and buy some vegetables, and some fish (optional).

There are various crusts you can choose from your store’s freezers. Thick or thin as you like.

If you left chicken off your plate

This is useful if you were allergic to chicken,–applies to eating chicken, or you were shocked because, you believe eating chicken is not right for you. Or you had a doctor’s order, telling you to stay away from eating chicken, or you were lenting during Friday on February to Easter,–due to religious beliefs… or even you were about to phase out chicken from your diet. Vegetarian versions of chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, chicken strips, and other chicken related products are available. They were made with vegetarian products without sacrificing a life of a chicken. You may need to pay attention to these labels to keep yourself safe, or you can get help from an employee who works at the store.

Stocking up on these vegetarian products like these may be expensive,–depending on a brand of these products. If you were a premium kind of a person… that can effect your shopping bill. But these products will pay for themselves! If your family relies on these products 24 hours a day, that will offset over 3000 or more live chickens that were being slaughtered for meat,–after their egg production declines.

If you used to eat red meats

Red meats are the known source of pollution, if your doctor orders you NOT to eat any red meats; there are some alternatives available at your local store. Be sure to research what you are purchasing at your local store. What’s mentioned above in this article; reading labels is necessary to keep yourself safe. Vegetable burgers are available if you want to have a next burger dinner for your entire family. If you have this dinner on an occasional basis; that’s enough to offset cattle being slaughtered for a while,–reducing pollution day by day.

Buying other vegetarian products

Buying other vegetarian products doesn’t just help you keep meat off your plate, that’s enough to leave meat sitting on store shelves. That can cause the meat industry to lose revenue for a while. If you kept buying vegetarian products monthly, and you saved at least $400; that will take 4 or more years to knock out the revenue stream of the meat industry.

Although; vegetarian products are often purchased by vegetarians who often kept meat out of their freezers. In the future, you won’t see any meat products.

For lacto Vegetarians

Always research where your dairy products what you’re purchasing is actually coming from. Always get help from the store employees. And watch out for recalls. This is very important for safety. Most lacto vegetarians are susceptible to health issues,–if dairy products were ffaulty. That means you have to take extreme caution when purchasing dairy.

Before you ever purchase dairy, try asking these questions:

  • How cattle are treated? This is an important question to ask first. You need to know the welfare of these animals.
  • Are they nice to their own animals?
  • Are their cattle moving freely?
  • Are their calves left with their mother cows? This is necessary for calves to consume their mother’s milk first.
  • Are male calves being kept as a backup? This is necessary to keep them,–if needed to implement a backup cattle.
  • Are male calves are NOT being slaughtered for veal?
  • Are people being educated how cattle are being treated humanely?

If you answered yes… you are getting dairy from a legitimate source. If NOT… it’s a cruel source. If you were purchasing dairy products, watch out.

If you lived in an area where lacto vegetarianism is practiced as a richual… be sure to talk to the people involved. Wether if you were a vegetarian who rarely consumes dairy. Pizza with cheese is the known example of lacto vegetarianism. Some countries,–like india practiced lacto vegetarianism via Hindu religious events/festivals are common. You can also be a Budist, or Catholic,–or a Christian when practicing lacto vegetarianism.

For Ovo Vegetarians

Be sure to research where eggs what you’ve purchasing is coming from. What’s mentioned above; take caution,–the same way for lacto vegetarians. Ovo vegetarians are also susceptible to health problems. By the next time you purchase eggs; be sure to choose which kind wisely!

For pescetarians

Shop for sustainable seafood, or find a seafood market dedicated to sell fish, and other seafood. New York City has an array of fish market you can go to. This is useful if you eat fish on Fridays. You may need to choose which fish you want to eat wisely. Always go for boneless fish that is prepared to be fried or baked. Sushi is the known type of fish-based food you can buy at some local stores around the US, or in some countries that are dedicated to produce sushi. Dedicated stores in your local neighborhood may be available,–if you eat sushi.

Here are the steps to confirm you were buying fish, or any other seafood products:

  1. Ask questions! Be sure to ask them where you actually get fish from. You need to confirm if they’re complying with fishing laws around the USA, and what equipment they use to catch fish. Do they used slow methods of catching fish, or they rush their job? If they rush their job, that means buying fish may NOT be applicable. Try finding the another vendor who is experienced in selling seafood that is safe to eat. If they answer questions; gather data with your notepad, or tablet.

    • If it was sourced from a slow fishing business who cares about fishing responsibility, and the environment, and choosing to fish via a small amount… that means; that’s an sustainable source.
    • If Seafood is farmed at bay. For example; oyster farming… that means you are getting these farmed oysters. If they manage their farm properly… that means they’re responsible for care of their oysters. Shrimp is also farmed as well.
    • If fish or seafood is caught in large numbers, or illegally caught in mass amount; that means, their sources are NOT legitimate!
    • If farmed-raised fish is the source; ask them about the conditions of their source, wether if you were getting from a legitimate source. Have these questions ready:

      • Are the farmers responsible for their animals?.
      • Are the fish living in healthy large conditions via a small groups in large lakes?
      • Are the fish fed on a regular basis?
      • Are their fish-farming methods modern, or traditional?
      • Are They disclosing how their fish is farmed?
      • How do they prepare fish to be eaten?
      • Did they stun fish properly,–before processing their products for our food system?
      • Are they taking their time with their farming?

      If yes to these questions… they are doing their right job! If not… they are cruel to their fish.

    • Get help which fish to choose. It’s always a good idea to choose which fish you want to eat. They have various fish to eat. But watch out for other fish that is NOT safe to eat.
    • Varify if you were purchasing your desired fish you want to eat for your dinner on friday.
    • If fish are okay to consume, make a purchase, and ship it to your freezer at home.


This article doesn’t constitute dietary, medical, or any professional advice, to get advice regarding choosing to ve vegetarian or not; talk to your experienced professional.

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