Vegetarian Magic: Don’t Eat Duck

For the past years; I’ve been watching videos about ducks being slaughtered for foie gras. Since I refused to eat duck… I’ve sparing them from being eaten by anyone. Although; some people own ducks as companion animals. I’ve also heard about these people who own ducks as therapy animals. Wondering how do I left duck off my plate for a long time? I’ll show you how to do this vegetarian magic, and make a difference for ducks,–along with potential problems you may encounter.

Leaving ducks off your plate is kind of like offsetting amounts of ducks being slaughtered for meat. Since duck meat is the most expensive kind of meat. That requires duck farmers to maintain a pond for them to swim, and cool down. For example; you taken a trip to a duck farm owned by a farmer who educates you about farming ducks. But you were kind of outraged,–due to these ducks being slaughtered for meat. You don’t want to risk eating them by the next time you sit down to eat.


Reasons why you don’t want to eat duck meat

Some people own ducks as pets, or companion animals,–or therapy animals!

I’ve stumbled upon a video from YouTube, and I taken a look why some people has owned a duck as a therapy animal. I never heard of a therapy duck before!! And this is a totally serious ownership of this service animal.

Ducks owned as pets is known in the USA, and other countries. But children who first owned ducklings are susceptible to have their fully-grown pet ducks stolen or hijacked for meat. If a man who slaughters ducks steals from a child; that can be an emotional experience for a child. There’s no such law that protect ducks that are exclusively used as pets or therapy animals. If your duck is stolen; you had the right to get it back. Or you can sue the duck farm in question for stealing your pet/therapy animal.

If you own ducks as a therapy animal/pet. it’s always a good advice NOT to eat duck under any circumstances! Always plan a vegetarian meal that will replace duck meat.

If you have children; educate them why eating duck is a bad idea. Present your children with movies that feature ducks, or a TV show.

Foie Gras Is Cruel!

If you were eating foie gras… you are susceptible to support the cruel farming of ducks for foie gras. Now these days; foie gras is now outlawed in some states, and other countries.

Well, I don’t eat foie gras because, I don’t want to risk it.

If you like ducks, but don’t eat them… watch out! Foie gras production may be hidden.

What To Do If You Are a Duck Owner

Avoid all duck meat, and other meat-based duck products. What’s mentioned above; never go to any meat market where duck meat is sold. Always go to a vegetarian store where is available to prevent yourself from thinking about eating duck, or any other duck products.

Try replacing duck meat with alternative food that is going to spare a duck’s life. You can opt for seafood, or a completely vegan diet altogether.

To do this trick

  1. Try to set a date to quit eating duck meat by using your calendar at home, or on your computer.
  2. Phase out duck meat day by day. If you have children in your family. Let them know why phasing out duck meat is necessary. Wether if parts of your family has a therapy duck as a companion animal,–just like what I mentioned earlier in this article.
  3. Replace duck meat with your desired vegetarian food.
  4. Extend the cycle, and confirm your cravings for duck meat goes away. Take your time, but don’t rush it. Count how many ducks you will spare. If you reached 100 ducks spared overtime… you can offset pounds of duck meat. If you’re not for sure, create a website/blog to keep track of your milestones of leaving duck off your plate.

Vegetarian Magic: Don’t Eat Duck by Aaron Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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