Vegetarian Magic: Spare A Pig By Leaving Pork Off Your Plate

In some religions… such as Judaism; pork is considered dirty meat! Although; this dietary law via this religion doesn’t just save pigs from slaughter… that also prevents people from eating them. That means, pork dinner will be prohibited. If you were tired of pork tapeworms because, pork isn’t cooked thoroughly… you had an option to leave pork off your plate, and choose a vegetarian diet that will replace pork for good!

There’s something scary if you eat pork that is NOT cooked properly!

Pork that isn’t cooked thoroughly can lead you to serious illness that can be difficult to cure. And in some cases; parasites will be inside you. That means; that requires your illness, and parasite removal to be conducted by your phisician, or surgent. That’s more then enough to be end up in your local hospital via hospital stays. I heard of these news videos, and articles,–and TV shows about people being treated for parasites, and illnesses. I’ve stumbled upon a video what happens if you eat pork that is not cooked the right way. In common; restaurants has kept trade-secrets that put customers at risk of pork tapeworms, and illnesses.


This is scary to me! However; I stopped eating pork as a fail-safe feature. That means… I’ll not going to eat more pork. This video from Animal Planet has literally inspired me.

I used to eat various pork products… but now I don’t because, I’m sparing some pigs from being eaten. In most Christian bibles,–if I can get my calculations correct; you’re NOT supposed to eat pork because, pigs are scavengers. That means; they eat up insects, manure, and dead animals; most pigs carry toxic diseases in their muscles, and fat. What I just learned; pigs are smart animals; and they can outsmart a human baby, and sometimes save people from a burning buildings. And in some cases; some people implemented pig toilets,–enabling pigs to eat up our manure what we generate everyday.

I’ve successfully implemented a vegetarian magic to leave pork off my plate. And it can take some time.

How To Launch A Vegetarian Magic to Leave Pork Off Your Plate

If you were doing this fir the first time,–after your surgent has removed parasites from your system, and you were still at your local hospital. Try asking your doctor or nurse to replace pork with vegetarian products. This is necessary to protect yourself from further illnesses. However; you may be ordered to leave pork off your plate because of that illness or tapeworm what you’ve encountered. Here are the following orders you’ll receive during recovery, and discharge from your local hospital:

  • Stay away from pork products
    This order is common for people who were susceptible to tapeworms from pork. Especially if you were having bacon and biscuits for breakfast. Try to replace it with an alternative of choice. Vegetarian versions of bacon are available at your local store! Be sure to check with your local grocer for assistance.

    Leaving sausages off your plate is necessary because, that’s very important for your doctor’s order. You may need to find some alternatives to sausages when choosing your next breakfast.

    What I’ve mentioned earlier; pork is dirty meat; you should avoid it at all costs. If you believed factory-farmed pork really scares you… Think again! These pigs were treated as meat machines. And some pigs were tossed like a amusement ride.

  • Go vegetarian for the rest of your life, but take caution when eating fish or other seafood
    This is a stronger doctor’s order. That may require regular visits at your home to varify if you were leaving meat off your plate as he/she expected you to do so. I defined it as forced-vegetarianism. That means all of your meat products needs to be removed immediately! For example;

    Logan is enjoying his pork dinner what he requested from his mother, but his mother doesn’t know about cooking pork. Although; he’s having a pork dinner for his birthday celebration. He was happy to eat dessert for later,–after he eats his favorite greens.

    Meanwhile,–after his birthday celebration… he was puking out of control, and his mother has been awakened by his son’s groaning. She ran to one of the bathrooms of her home what she owned.

    Logan is severely puking out of control! And that’s when his mother calls an ambulance with her cellular phone as a panig button.

    Logan’s big sister was shocked when she discovered her beautiful brother puking out of control. She believe eating pork is the known source. However; her sister don’t eat pork because, she is a total vegetarian,–after she learned about pigs being abused at the pig farm someplace.

    Logan is loaded on a stretcher,and loaded into an ambulance,–bound to a hospital.

    It took many days for Logan to be treated. He missed out on his favorite trip to a rabbit club. Well, he wished he wanted to ride a rabbit after his birthday.

    When Logan is fully recovered; his doctor ordered him to go vegetarian for life but eat seafood with caution. His mother has sued a pork supplier for NOT posting warning lables on their pork products. Trade-secrets own by a pork supplier has been forfeited,–resulting this corporation to be wiped from a little town.

    Logan is now a vegetarian,–riding his new rabbit as a ride-on therapy animal! His mother has told him to stay away from pork forever because, pork is too risky to eat. His sister gave logan a hug, and gave him an egg-free cake to eat. However; he’s still at the local hospital via hospital stay. And he’s not going home yet.

  • Go vegan
    This is a powerful doctor’s order. That means you have to leave all meat, and fish off your plate.

If you were just implementing a replacement on demand; you can do this without a doctor’s order. This is useful if you want to steer clear of these dangerous meats that are unsafe to eat. To implement this; follow these steps:

  1. Shop for alternatives to pork with vegetarian products
  2. Discard all pork products. If you have a garbage disposal… use it during discarding unwanted pork products. Be sure to check if the garbage disposal is working correctly. You may need to use tools to push down all of the meat products that you don’t want to eat. Be sure to wear a protective face mask to keep splashing water away from your face, and wear disposable gloves to protect your hands.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after each load. be sure to use strong soap to clean your hands for at least 30 seconds or so.
  4. After disposal, clean up your freezer and refrigerator to remove all of the unwanted remains of pork. If you have trouble… find someone who will help you clean up your freezer and refrigerator.
  5. Load your freezer and refrigerator with vegetarian products of choice.
  6. Prohibit anybody from storing meat in your freezer and refrigerator by posting messages.
  7. Disclaimer

    This article doesn’t constitute any dietary, medical, or any other professional advice. What I’m writing is my opinion.

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