Vegetarian Magic: Choose Vegetarian Meals While You’re At Your Local Cafe

Do you know you can choose vegetarian options in some restaurants? I tried this experiment since months ago. Whether you are at a local cafe where they serve common foods to eat. You can make a choice to leave meat off your plate.

Here’s How I Do This Trick

If you were choosing a cafe to enjoy your lunch or dinner,–or dessert… look on a menu carefully. You can find some meals that are free of meat. If you need help; ask a waiter, or someone similar to steer you towards your right meal what you’re choosing. Be very careful when choosing side dishes. Be sure to ask for a special order for your meal. This is necessary to prevent yourself from eating meat. It may take some time for you to make a choice, and the cooks to format your meal.


Most meat-based meals cost higher than vegetarian meals. However; choosing NOT to eat any meat can be difficult,–depending on which cafe you’ve chosen.

If you experienced a wrong meal served to you; always contact customer service to get it resolved. Never dial an emergency number to submit a complaint. Emergency numbers are only for actual emergencies that focused on fire, health, or police emergencies only. Customer services are always available at any of your local places in your town. I mention more about this later on this post.

If you were ordering your lunch or dinner,–or dessert; be sure to ask them how their food is made. This is useful if you have certain food allergies. For example; you were allergic to pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and duck. Always let them know as you make an order. If you were a person who is avoiding certain meats that are NOT kosher… you can opt for a seafood option, but it will be expensive. At minimum… always keep extra money with you to pay for your meal,–after eating. If you wished to choose a meal to take out to go home; be sure to let them know.

If your food is served to you; be sure to ask them what’s included,–so they can varify if your food is correct before you start eating. This is necessary to keep yourself safe from eating meats that you don’t want to eat.

If you were choosing to order pizza via a desired pizza vendor

Ask for a vegetarian pizza that is customizable. You can do this over a phone, or at your table at a pizza vendor directly. Be sure to memorize what you’re doing. Alternatively; write down your preferences for your pizza for faster reference.

If you have a correct pizza; you are ready to eat it. But be sure to varify if your pizza is correct. If not… go to customer service for help.


If you were swaping between vegetarian diets,–after you reduced eating meat, and you were proposing to eat meat during the phase out day what you’ve established. Stick with this order that is a mistake, and share it with your friends when ordering a vegetarian pizza. But always follow the instructions of the customer service agent.

If you go to the buffet

Before you ever choose what do you want to eat; be sure to ask for any vegetarian food that is available. You may choose a pescetarian meal that will suit your needs. Be sure to be careful when making a selection.

If you were satisfied; pay for your desired meal. Be sure to varify if you chosen your desired food. If this is the case you were susceptible to cause errors; write a list of foods you want to eat at your local buffet. That works the best when making choices faster.

What NOT to do when your order of your food is incorrect

Some people didn’t even understand… customer service agents are available. Always rely on these agents who were here to help you resolve errors when ordering food at your local cafe.

  • Never dial an emergency number for the purpose of filing a complaint regarding your order of your food. There’s no such emergency that is focused on your food. That’s NOT the way how the emergency number goes. You may be facing jail time, probation, or any possible fines for misusing the emergency number in the US, UK, or any other country.
  • Never fight with any employees who were serving your food. That can cause you to be banned from a cafe, or worse.
  • Never spit into your food that is served to you with errors.
  • Never use any foul language against any customer service agent.

Vegetarian Magic: Choose Vegetarian Meals While You’re At Your Local Cafe by Aaron Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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