Say “NO” To Rabbit Meat On Easter!

Easter is around the corner! But there’s a problem… Crooks slaughter rabbits for meat,–so people can eat them. However; since I don’t support production of rabbit meat, I’ll never serve rabbit meat under any way. I’m currently continuing to boycott all rabbit meat trades,–including restaurants who serve rabbit meat. Don’t like rabbit meat, and you don’t want to chance it, in this article; I’ll tell you why you should say “NO” to rabbit meat, along with some potential problems you may encounter!

Rejecting rabbit meat is like preventing a rabbit meat industry from making more money. Refusing rabbit meat is a best way to respect rabbits.

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Vegetarian Families & the Attack of the Meat Industries When Relying On SNAP Benefits

Going food shopping all right… if you were a vegetarian of any kind, but you’re NOT sure what you’re actually buying from a legitimate source of food. You wanted to support vegetarianism, but you don’t want to support the meat industry. Although; in the USA, there’s no such guidelines that require all food-based stores to sell real food,–not deceptively-labeled food. For example; you wanted to buy some produce while you’re rely on SNAP benefits… but you’re end up supporting use of environment-harming chemicals that are applied to produce. This is kind of a headache when trying to buy legitimately-sourced produce.

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