Say “NO” To Rabbit Meat On Easter!

Easter is around the corner! But there’s a problem… Crooks slaughter rabbits for meat,–so people can eat them. However; since I don’t support production of rabbit meat, I’ll never serve rabbit meat under any way. I’m currently continuing to boycott all rabbit meat trades,–including restaurants who serve rabbit meat. Don’t like rabbit meat, and you don’t want to chance it, in this article; I’ll tell you why you should say “NO” to rabbit meat, along with some potential problems you may encounter!

Rejecting rabbit meat is like preventing a rabbit meat industry from making more money. Refusing rabbit meat is a best way to respect rabbits.

Rabbit Meat Is NOT Kosher

Rabbits don’t chew cuds like cattle do! If an animal doesn’t chew cud, this animal is not clean for you to eat. To meat; rabbit meat is an extremely DIRTY meat. If your parent who is serving you rabbit meat; you are in serious danger. Farming rabbits for meat can also pollute our environment. Rabbits being treated like meat-production machines is bad for our community. In some restaurants; they can refuse rabbit meat as a way to enforce kosher guidelines. This is important to respect an Easter bunny,–just like I do.

Why rabbit meat should be considered dangerous to people because, this is NOT a healthy choice at all!

If you want to respect an Easter bunny

If you were about to celebrate Easter; be sure NOT to purchase rabbit meat from any store. Always choose a vegetarian option as you setup an Easter dinner with your family. Here’s who you can respect an Easter bunny this Easter:

Skip Rabbit Meat

If you were going to Walmart, Target, Dollar General, or any store where food is sold; be sure to replace rabbit meat with the following items:

  • Carrots – use them to make a carrot salad with greens. If you were making a carrot pizza with greens; you can design it like a face of an Easter bunny. If you were vegan; find a vegan pizza,–if available.
  • Fish – according to a Catholic society; you must avoid meat during lent. Fish is an acceptible. Rabbits aren’t count as vegetables because, they don’t grow from the ground. But they do live underground in nature. Rabbits aren’t considered fish because, rabbits don’t swim underwater. And they don’t have gills like a fish, and they don’t have scales like a fish either.
  • Potatoes – use this to make fries with fish; this is a useful alternative to rabbit meat. A potato is good for you. You can make various dishes with it.
  • Celery – use this for your salad,–if you wanted to avoid dish that contain rabbit meat.

You can make your own replacement schemes to keep rabbit meat off your plates.

Educate your family or friends about why rabbit meat is bad

You can educate your family or friends about harmful affects of rabbit meat, and why you should NEVER eat rabbit meat.

You can present a video about cruel rabbit farms where rabbits are being raised for meat. This is useful if you want to raise your kids without a need for rabbit meat. If you practice doing this trick each day, until Easter arrives; you can spare over 100 rabbits a day.

The more your kids are educated about why rabbit meat is bad for you; the better your children will understand. They’ll start boycotting the rabbit meat industry.

Now an Easter bunny is smiling!

An Easter bunny may be happy, and she will thank you for sparing the lives of these rabbits. And you can make a difference by NOT eating rabbit. In some cases, an easter bunny may hug you, or give you rides,–if you have a capability of riding rabbits,– or in some cases, an Easter bunny will enable you to make a wish for next Easter. However; Easter bunnies will appear for everyone,–including adults for years to come.

If you were a person who already refused rabbit meat; an Easter bunny may visit you in your dream,–before you wake up. This is kind of rare,–if you had owned a rabbit in the past.

My Thoughts

It’s kind of like respecting rabbits virtually. Eating rabbits is cruel, and it needs to be stopped. Boycotting the rabbit meat industry is like saving our planet. Rabbit meat is NOT healthy at all. A betrayal of these rabbits by eating them is barbaric, and in some countries; it’s illegal to kill a rabbit for meat. No such religion that condemns rabbit meat at all costs.

I replaced rabbit meat with pasta with greens and shrimp as a way to prevent myself from eating them. As always, if I refused rabbit meat, and I refused to eat rabbit for lunch/dinner/breakfast; and I successfully reject rabbit meat,–after my grandmother has understood why I’ll never rabbit; I must find a way to imagine riding rabbits, or get a stuffed bunny to ride, or find a carousel, and ride a rabbit. If these incentives are NOT available; I must respect rabbits for at least 5000 years, or find someone who will build you a ride-on rabbit for you, that way; you’ll be forgiven by all rabbits around the world.

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  1. Eating rabbits is cruel, and it needs to be stopped. Boycotting the rabbit meat industry is like saving our planet. Rabbit meat is NOT healthy at all. A betrayal of these rabbits by eating them is barbaric, and in some countries; it’s illegal to kill a rabbit for meat.

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