Home-Made Vegetarian Burger From Scratch

Vegetarian burgers with fries on a plate
Serving of a vegetarian burgers with fries on a plate on a table.

Okay, vegetarian burgers are now in stores. However; you can make your own without eggs. Not just making this burger from scratch is fun. That can also offset 1 cow from being slaughtered for meat. Most brands of veggie burgers are common in stores, if a market for vegetarian product grows… the meat industry will shrink overtime.

Vegetarian burgers can be made in different ways. Circular shape is traditional, but many burger makers prefer this format because, that’s a traditional way of making burgers with this shape.
Square shape burgers can be common, but meat-based burgers are stuck with 1 format.
No need to slaughter animals to make this delicious burger!

How To Make This Vegetarian Burger

All you need is the following

Step 1

Take a mixing bowl and add 3 cans of black beans. Be sure a mixing bowl is clean, and free of contaminants such as dish soap, and other contaminants.
Use a potato masher to mash the beans. Add flax seed to mixture, along with bread crumbs to firm up mixture. Confirm is all of these beans are mashed, or keep mashing the mixture,–until the mixture is as consistant as ground beef, or something similar. Be sure to add oil to mixture. You can use onion powder for flavor, along with other spices.

Step 2

Spread mixture on wax paper, and flatten the mixture. The mixture can be flattened to create burgers in just any shape. You can shape it to a square, or a triangle, or any shape you like. And unlike regular hamburger; vegetarian burgers can be made into any shape.
Fold over wax paper to evenly spread mixture, and then cut the mixture to pieces.

Raw Veggie Burgers On Plate
Results of veggie burgers after mixing and mashing.

Step 3

Place each burger on a grill at 450°F. Flip each side, or until internal temperature has reached over 190°F or higher. It may take 30 minutes per side,–depending on a size of a burger.
Be sure to monitor your burgers cooking on a grill.
Don’t mix with traditional meat-based burgers.

Veggie Burgers Done
Veggie burgers done after grilling.

Place a burger on a bun, or between slices of bread, and serve it to anyone who is vegetarian.
You can add fries as a side dish, or vegetables.


Periodically serve vegetarian burgers on a certain day of a week to encourage your family to leave beef off your plate.
Use this recipe to create other varients of vegetarian burgers.
You can also go to chooseveg.com to explore vegetarian food options.
This is useful to save countless cattle from being slaughtered for meat.
This is a pork-free alternative for people who don’t consume pork, or other pig products.
This is also a rabbit-free alternative for people who own rabbits as pets.

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