Vegetarian Families & the Attack of the Meat Industries When Relying On SNAP Benefits

Going food shopping all right… if you were a vegetarian of any kind, but you’re NOT sure what you’re actually buying from a legitimate source of food. You wanted to support vegetarianism, but you don’t want to support the meat industry. Although; in the USA, there’s no such guidelines that require all food-based stores to sell real food,–not deceptively-labeled food. For example; you wanted to buy some produce while you’re rely on SNAP benefits… but you’re end up supporting use of environment-harming chemicals that are applied to produce. This is kind of a headache when trying to buy legitimately-sourced produce.

If you were buying dairy products; you are supporting the veal industry. Although; in some states; veal is banned. But you can still use your SNAP benefits to purchase veal! This is kind of like a known issue to some people who don’t want to support the meat industry. Lacto vegetarians are susceptible to support the veal industry,–due to male calves being removed from their mothers’ side, and killed for veal. Many cattle on most today’s dairy farms as treated as milk-machines.


Ovo vegetarians are susceptible to support slaughtering of chickens. However; chickens only lay eggs to reproduce a new family of chickens,–not for food. Many male chicks has been ground alive,–after they hatched from eggs. If this is the case if you were eating eggs… WATCH OUT! Hidden diseases can cause you to be end up sick, or end up at the ICU. If you were the people who were allergic to eggs; think twice before you ever go to the store to buy you some cakes, pies, or any kind of your favorite desserts.

Pork from cruel pig/hog farms are the known source of supporting animal cruelty. One purchase of ham via bulk can take up to 12 or more pigs that are raised for meat. Most religious groups; such as the Jews, and the Budists believe eating pork is dirty meat. If you were eating a ham dinner… WATCH OUT! There’s multiple diseases, and parasites in pork. Tapeworms are the known parasites that are deadly to us,–if the parasite isn’t removed from our bodies. That requires a person to be sent to the ICU to have the tapeworm removed from their bodies. If you want to prevent this… don’t buy pork, and find the alternatives to pork that is available at your local store.

If you were a person who is purchasing rabbit meat… WATCH OUT! You are aupporting illegal rabbit-hunting. Vegetarians don’t eat rabbits because, rabbit meat is also dirty, and its NOT kosher. If you were a person who care for rabbits… WATCH OUT! Your rabbit can be stolen for meat… if this is the case, this is an issue to our tax-payers who support our SNAP system.

You can work around this problem by buying all vegetarian products at your local store. Depending on which brand you’re choosing… it will be cheap, or expensive, if your children refuse to eat meat; try to give them more vegetables.

What you should do?

If you were buying any of these meats at your local store; don’t do it! Always replace it with meatless alternatives.

Don’t go to any meat markets.

If you were a vegetarian who eat fish and seafood; be sure to contact the supplier to varify if you were getting fish from a sustainable source.

Talk to an expert or administrator who is running the SNAP benefits about making all vegetarian products that are food-based as a default choice for buying food. Or prohibit all purchases of meat.

Make a grocery list to keep track what you are going to buy when food-shopping.

Think twice before buying TV dinners; you may need to make a special order of these meals for your freezer.

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