Macral Sandwiches

I made this plate myself, and I do eat fish. However, I decided to make a macral sandwich that will replace a cheap PBJ sandwich.

This is useful if your religion don’t allow PBJ sandwiches because, their culture practices a way for anyone to choose what to eat.

Picture of 6 Macral Sandwiches

All You’ll Need:

  • 1 can of canned macral
  • Hamburger Rolls

Step 1: Cook the macral

Use the can-opener to open a can of macral, be sure to empty out the liquid.

Always use a lid from your can to prevent your macral from pouring out.

Take a skillet, and place it on a cooking surface. Always check if the cooking surface on your range is free. If you are using a gas range, always keep children away from your cooking area. Any bully who has no reason to be in a kitchen shoulld be ordered to leave.

Deposit your macral into your skillet, and set it to medium heat.


Never leave your items on your range unattended when cooking is in progress, this may result to your food burning, and your kitchen end up in a serious fire.

Take any spatula, or a similar tool,–or a potato-masher to mash your macral to pieces.

Stir your mixture to cook evenly.

Set the heat to low after you confirmed your mixture is hot, and cooked for at least 3 minutes or so, keep stiring your mixture. Cutting up the macral makes it easier to mash, and stir your mixture with your liking.

Turn the heat off.

Step 2: Optionally Toast Your Rolls

Use a toaster oven, and set it to toast position.

Put each your rolls into your toaster oven, and run it on 350°F or lower to slowly toast your rolls. Monitor it to confirm your rolls are toasted.

Step 3: Assembling your sandwiches

For this experiment what I did; it yields 6 sandwiches. Repeat step 2 when assembling your sandwiches. Add a mixture to your sandwiches, until your skillet is empty.

Serve it to your friends or family.

If this is successful, out the window went PBJ sandwiches!


You can customize your sandwiches by adding fixings… the same way as you do it to hamburgers. You can add any desired toppings, or sauces.

You can integrate sauces to your mixture as you cook it. For example, buffalo sauce.

You can add vegetables to your mixture to reduce time for adding fixings. That saves time.

Why Eat This?

This is useful if you were lenting during March to April, or February to March; tipically, Catholics are prohibited from eating meat on Fridays. This is necessary to indicate why Jesus has stopped eating meat for 6 weeks. Never the less, during Holy Thursdays; Catholics are also prohibited from eating meat.

This is a starting meal to go vegetarian, some vegetarians eat fish.

This is a useful snack if you wanted to skip the PBJ sandwiches!

You can also drink beer with this sandwic!

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