If You Are A Vegetarian… You Should NOT Hunt Animals

In fact; vegetarians don’t hunt animals for meat, or as a sport. Whether if you only eat plant-based food. Vegetarians don’t go out to hunt rabbits, ducks, or any animal. If hunting was off limits for all vegetarians; that can offset lots of animals being hunted. But some people started hunting anyway. You heard of a fictional character as a cartoon character who hunts rabbits. But this is NOT being a vegetarian because, hunting should NOT be targeted to vegetarians around the world.

The Problem

Some vegetarians has been tricked via advertising, or promotions for hunting trips around the world. Common animals that are hunted for meat or pelts are rabbits, elk, deer, moose, antelope, ducks, geese, and other animals. Common alternatives to hunting animals are activities that doesn’t involve hunting has been fraudulently censored to prevent our vegetarian culture from growing. Say if you are a vegetarian who accepts riding animals,–as long they’re treated with proper care, but you were been tricked by a traveling company. This is the known sign of censorship that is unlawful. False-advertising is common on TV, Cable channels, Online, or at your local city. Hunting should NOT be targeted to young children because, gun safety is important for all of us.

Other animals that are hunted are elephants,–often illegally hunted for ivory tusks. In my opinion, vegetarians don’t hunt for ivory! Ivory poaching is common during hunting tours. If you hunt animals; you are supporting extinction of these animals that need to survive. For this instance; you heard of a story about a lion who is hunted for trophies. In fact… animals are NOT trophies! These barbaric sport hunters are responsible for mass hunting of these animals. For many years; hunting has caused our animals to go extinct;–causing our future world to miss out learning more about these animals. Common animals what people will miss out are polar bears, black bears, lemurs, lions, tigers, cougers, lepards, elk, oryxes, elephants, rhinocerous species, wolves, whales, sharks, giraffes, sea turtles, and more.

What’s Wrong With Hunting Elephants?

Elephants are the most hunted animals on the face of the planet. Many hunters has been poaching elephants for ivory. This illegal trade of ivory has been causing these largest animals to go extinct in the future. These poachers has been running a dark market for the past years. Do you remember the time when there’s lots of elephants spread out across Africa, and Asia? If you compare it to today. We’re been trying to save these elephants from all of these poachers who were greedy. However; Ivory can be made without needing to hunt for elephants’ tusks for ivory. Making fake ivory may be expensive, but it can pay for itself, and reduce all of the hunting, and risks of extinction. Ivory-free products are available to resolve these common issues with our planet.

What’s Wrong With Hunting Lions?

Lions are the endangered big cats in Africa, and Asia. These majestic animals were often poached for their bones to make phony, medicine that is in fact fraudulent. Some people has also hunted lions for meat. Think about lion burgers, steaks, and other products made from a flesh of a lion. This controversial meat source has been established in the USA. This form of a corruption of our government has been causing issues with a survival of these important animals. Cause without lions; we’re NOt going to have a good place to live, nor a better planet. Today… we missed out from seeing these animals who once roam the planet. We missed out cave lions, american cave lions, and other lion species. What I mentioned earlier on this post; if you hunt, you are glorifying extinction of these animals.

What’s Wrong With Hunting Tigers?

Tigers are the most hunted animals today. However; they’re been poached for their bones to make tiger bone wine. This another fraudulent product has been scattering Asian markets for the past years. These tigers were in serious danger of being put to extinction. These people who care about tigers are trying to save them from going extinct. Deextinction efforts has been taken lots of time to establish a recovered species.

You can avoid products that are made of bones or flesh of tiger. Or you can boycott tiger hunting altogether. Like lions; some people has eaten tigers as the another source of meat as food.

What You Should Do?

If I can get my prediction correct; in 2050; our future will miss out from seeing these amazing animals. But if we can reduce hunting by closing all hunting seasons; and closing all hunting tours… we can enable animals to recover, and let the endangered animals repopulate; and restore all species of animals. If we implemented a hold to stop all hunting for a year or so, we can save our planet too.

Try to avoid all hunting trips.

Try to learn more about these animals what you discovered when hiking.

Think about these important animals who play an important role on our planet.

Let scientists study, and work with these important animals.

Don’t watch any TV show, or movie that focuses on hunting.

By the next time you’re on the trails trip; ask the group to keep you as a vegetarian as a way to keep yourself out of hunting activities.

Don’t eat meat.

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