Why Can’t I Eat Meat When My Parents Are Vegetarian?

This is a question what children in the future may ask to their parents. If your parents were vegetarian, you need to abide to their dietary setup because, they wanted you to live longer, and enjoy yoour long life. This is necessary to enable you to be as twice as healthy as normal people who eat meat.

Some parents has implemented ways to live longer by banning use if tobacco products as they ban meat products.


What If Your Parents Has Prohibited You From Eating Meat Altogether?

If you were just getting ready to have lunch as a custom meal. Your parent may only have a freezer with lots of vegetables and fruits. However; your freezer may have products that may be similar to common meats what your parents’ ansesters use to eat. You should explore eating more vegetables as a dietary setup ordered by your doctor, religion, culture, or as a way to phase out eating meat. If you can still eat fish… try eating fish on Friday. This is usually easier to reduce eating fish on 6 days. That enables people who were fishing to fish on Fridays. And speaking about Fridays. If you were lenting, you leave meat off your plate,–2 days after Ash Wednesday. You can use lenting as a tool to help you leave meat off your plate,–if you have a meat addiction.

If you were prohibited from eating meat, you are automatically saving animals from cruelty, and you are also reducing CO2 levels, and reducing rising waters. If your parents are caring about the planet.

You may be located where eating meat is strictly prohibited

There are some countries with some cities where eating meat is officially illegal! This is one another example why people are taking measures to reduce cruelty to animals, if the USA has outlawed meat production… all of us will be eating more plants than we used to since years ago. If we adapted to a vegetarian lifestyle, that can save countless animals.

Your parents may have a history of cancer

Your parents may be diagnosed with certain cancer types caused by eating meat. And their doctors has ordered them not to eat meat, but choose a strict vegetarian diet. If this is the case, ask your parents the following:

    Why did you had cancer when you ate meat… such as: red meat?
  • Is there a reason why we can’t eat meat?
  • Which meat is the problem, and why it caused to have cancer?
  • Are you trying to clear away all of the red meat that is still inside you?

If they answered these questions, they’re trying to keep you away from all meat sources. If you are a child who was born in a family with history of cancer, your mother or father may feed you strict vegetarian food, and you may need to rely on resources to keep you healthy.

That’s why many people has died around these ages between 30 and 99. If we stopped eating meat, and choose a plant-based diet, we can live longer. The long lifespan of some animals up to 100 years or older are the examples of living long.

If you are a parent who is concerned about your health, and you are leaving meat off your plate, get help with your dietition, or your doctor. If we raise children as vegetarian beings… we can able to reduce animal lifestock costs, restore forests, and restore our brain function to the next level. That can also reduce violence by 77%.

Your parents may be preventing you from going hunting

Sport hunting is not suitable for vegetarians because, vegetarians don’t need to hunt animals under any other way!

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