It’s Not A Good Idea To Own A Monkey As A Pet… And A Permit To Owning One Won’t Let You Keep It As A Pet

Since monkeys belong in the wild, you can’t own a monkey as a pet because, monkeys live in a group,–just like us. When baby monkeys are taken from their mothers, mother monkeys get depressed, and feel sad. In some cases, they can be sad when their babies were stolen for the pet trade. Everyday, good people save monkeys, and bring them back to the wild. You should only keep a monkey with a valid permit. These permits are only used to keep exotic animals like monkeys for research, exhibition, and other valid purposes. Most of these monkeys has been kept longer, but they’re weren’t returned to the wild at all.

The Problem

Once there was a dense population of monkeys of various types living happily with other monkeys, playing in this beautiful forest. This beautiful forest hasn’t been bothered by people just yet! But friendly researchers has started to study how do monkeys behave, and play.

One person has a valid permit to keep a monkey to figure out how does this animal live, and what does it eat, etc. However; he’s not keeping a monkey as a pet because, he understands why this monkey needs to go back to the wild, and play with other monkeys.

This monkey was returned back to the wild to live like a normal monkey.

Suddenly, there was an attack against this forest, and the monkeys were stolen for the pet trade! The mother monkey was screaming at these poachers who were stealing her children from her home… she wanted to get her children back, but she was shot and killed by a poacher who is illegally selling monkey pelts, and monkey meat. This cruel practice was so intense, that caused the monkey population to go down.

Why this is an issue?

Many monkeys has been stolen from their mothers as they’re being shipped to many places around the world via a pet trade. The falling monkey population has been concerning animal-lovers and even vegetarians. Monkeys prefer to live in a jungle, and climb on trees to exercise, since monkeys are climbers, they’re adapted to this feature because, that enables them to stay off the ground. They avoid the ground because, they’re hungry carnivores like lions, tigers, lepards, wolves, bears, snakes, and more.

monkeys are smart creatures… and they can solve problems,–just like most animals.

The pet trade that sell monkeys as pets has deprived them these basic needs found in nature. If you were purchasing a monkey, you are supporting the poachers involved in this illegal pet trade.

Monkeys aren’t domesticated because… they belong in the wild

Monkeys kept by these bad guys like Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber are most likely to be removed from their native homes. These 2 individuals who were involved were chased down by many animal activists around the world. People who were saving these primates has been trying to encourage people to discourage owning monkeys as pets.

Long ago, it used to be a norm as we kept monkeys as pets, or as working animals. Since monkeys act almost as same as us, they live in a family.

Some people don’t want to keep toy monkeys because,… they’re marketed to kids

Don’t let this excuse fool you! It’s okay to purchase plush monkeys as an alternative to owning a real monkey with a valid permit. Many stores have a variety of beautiful plush monkeys that you can own. And they are managable because, they can be with you for a long time. If you chosen to own a plush stuffed monkey, you can reduce all of the taking of these animals, and enable the monkey population to recover faster. And in the future, these monkeys will have some fun in the protected forest.

If you want to have experience with these monkeys, yoou can go to a center where they can show you these monkeys saved from being kept by greedy people. Or you can look in a book. However; you can opt for a custom-made stuffed monkey what you can program for other uses like, speaking to you, doing tasks, read, and more. Since these fake animals can virtually do anything, they can also mimic how animals do.

Why Own A Stuffed Monkey Instead?

They’re cheaper to own, and care for! And they’re built to last for some years. These fake alternatives to real monkeys can cut revenue from this pet trade that illegally sell monkeys to people. And you can make poachers go bankrupt for good!

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