Vegetarians Don’t Purchase Products Containing Ivory? No They Don’t In My Opinion!

There was a battle between people who were saving the elephants and rhinocerous species from extinction. Ivory trades is still running illegally. Well, I don’t possess ivory products because, I think vegetarians don’t hunt elephants and rhinos. Everyday, we were trying to save these important animals from the illegal ivory trade. Ivory trade requires people to hunt these endangered animals. These animals were targeted by poachers who were responsible for illegal killings.

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Milestone: Vegetarian for 3 years and counting!

Since 2014; I finally left meat off my plate,–after I was inspired by a video about the meat industry abusing animals that are raised for meat. I’ve taken a look of these videos online… and I thought of going back to vegetarian since I was a little boy.

Now I can able to cut pollution by 75% as I continue relying on a vegetarian diet. Not just going vegetarian saves water, it also saves animals.

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Vegetarian Magic: Shop For All Vegetarian Food At Your Local Store

So you had an empty refrigerator, and you are running out of food. However; you’ve saved over $200;–after you set aside money for your next shopping trip with your family. Turns out; you can’t afford to give your children some meat to eat, or you can’t afford to buy meat for your own place because, you believe purchasing meat is expensive. The Good news is… you can buy vegetarian food to replace meat products in your own home’s refrigerator. I’ll show you which items you can get for your refridgerator or freezer.

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Hallal Food Is NOT Vegetarian

Hallal food from hallal slaughterhouses are actually meat,–not vegetarian food because, these kind of meats slaughtered via an Islamic culture/belief is toxic, and it’s not good for you. Although; animal activists has to investigate where hallal meats are coming from. Running a hallal slaughterhouse is cruel, and it doesn’t make you immune to being liable for animal cruelty.

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