Do Lacto Vegetarians Only Consume milk from common animals… including rabbits?

For the past years, lacto vegetarians has consumed animal milk,–whether if they consume it from cattle, goats, sheep, camels, reindeer, horse,moose, or even a rat. Recently, I hopped on this article about converting rabbit milk into cheese! But I never tried rabbit cheese before. Imagine rabbits has replaced cattle; although; they can take a small portion of the land,–comparing to traditional cattle farms, but that’s not the case. Lacto vegetarians might start their own dairy via rabbits. Well, lacto vegetarians don’t slaughter animals for meat because, some lacto vegetarians treat animals what they own as people, or citizens. this kind of a culture is knownvia Hinduism, Judaism, and Budism. And speaking about that; compare these following religions that is capable to practice lacto vegetarians:


It’s possible to practice lacto vegetarianism. Some people set dietary laws that prevent people from eating certain animals. I believe rabbits should NOT be eaten because, rabbits don’t chew cuds. Like pigs… it’s considered a dirty meat. Although; there’s no possible record of any person consuming rabbit milk via Jewish culture at this time.


It’s still common to practice lacto vegetarianism. Some budists… if I can get my calculations correct; they also implemented dietary laws. There’s no possible record of people consuming rabbit milk, and converting it into dairy products.


Lacto vegetarianism has been practiced for a long time. They do have sacred animals. That means; you can’t kill them for meat. What if rabbits became sacred animals. If they did… that will be good news for some people who own rabbits as pets… and killing rabbits for meat, or as a hunting sport will NOT be allowed. However, consuming their milk, and dairy products made via rabbit milk is permitted.

There’s no possible record of people consuming rabbit milk. And it doesn’t appear in some history books. But it’s going to be a modern trend. But lacto vegetarians has been around for many years.

However; some lacto vegetarians can choose where get a source of milk via any animal. What I just mentioned earlier, these common animals raised for milk are the first ones to get milk collected from lacto vegetarians.

If rabbits started a new competition for lacto vegetarians; it can take lots of years to successfully replace cattle farms.

Depending on any culture where lacto vegetarians are practicing via any country; some people implemented laws to punish people for slaughtering animals for meat. Some vegetarians who are lawmakers often implement these laws. Sacred cattle is one example.

Imagine rabbits are sacred animals. That means; you can’t eat them! If you ate them,–depending on any culture, you will be punished via a prison sentence, or worse. If you don’t eat them, you are respecting them. However, consuming their milk, and converting into dairy products, for example… cheese is permitted.

Almost any animal that can be raised for milk, chosen by lacto vegetarians can treat them like people in their village, town, etc. If you recently left meat off your plate, but you still consume dairy like a lacto vegetarian… there are some places where you can consume lacto vegetarian food. Whether you go to the pizza shop; or any cafe where they offer vegetarian food. There’s lots of these places available.

The Verdict

In the future… maybe rabbits will be replacing cattle, or it will be a cheaper source of dairy when consuming rabbit milk. But lacto vegetarians still consume milk from cattle, sheep, goats, etc.

Vegetarian Magic: Don’t Consume Rabbit Meat… Develop a Replacement

In 2011; I was scared away by my uncle who cooked rabbit meat. I told my grandmother why I’ll NEVER eat rabbits. She prompted me to try one rabbit leg, but I quickly refused a rabbit leg. She confirmed eating rabbits gives me the creeps. And she didn’t know I should NOT eat rabbits. And I have to find alternatives that will replace rabbit for good.

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Lacto Vegetarians & the Dairy Farm Issues

Some people who were lacto vegetarians aren’t sure if they’re getting dariy from a sustainable source, but they might experience a problem with consuming dairy,–due to brutal cruelty somewhere in the US. For example; a dairy farm in Ohio has been involved in beating cattle. However; some lacto vegetarians didn’t even understand… you must know where you’re getting your dairy from,–whether if you trusted a farm or not… But you have to do some extreme research where your store is getting dairy from. If you were going shopping for your dairy… watch out! There are some some labels that are misleading, claiming they arrived from a humane dairy farm someplace. Real dairy farms don’t use hormones, and they don’t cram cattle inside large buildings. And they also leave cattle in dirty conditions.

According to Mercy For Animals, an animal-rights organization has investigated dairy farms where workers beat cattle with pitch forks, shocking them with electric taser-like devices, and other cruel acts against their own animals. It may look like a traditional dairy farm as you pass them as you take a drive down the road. Turns out… it’s an industrialized dairy farm that is built like a factory farm. I believe many of their cows were dehorned, and have their tails chopped off,–all without any pain-killers!

Cows don’t need to be dehorned… they use their horms to help defend themselves from predatory animals, such as cougers… a pesky big cat that can cause a large loss of cattle, coyotes… common animal that can go after cattle, and other predators. Without their horns; they’re in danger of being attacked and killed by many predators. Cattle also use their horns to assist in steering. Some people use cattle as a mode of transportation to travel from one place to the another. For example; people in some countries ride cattle instead of horses. When their horns were left intact; they can balance their heads to a balanced position. Oxen are the known working cattle that used their horns to guide objects on wheels. There are some cattle that are bred without horns.

Running a dairy farm is kind of difficult. And an average time on most dairy farms are slow. Not fast.

Manure, and other waste generated from cattle is common. Although; many calves has been ripped away from their mother’s sides,–so people can consume the cow’s milk instead,–all without giving the calves a chance to consume their mother’s milk as their first priority! Not even one cow is set aside to take a break from being a dairy cow, or exercise with other cows in their herd. Forcing a cow to produce milk after their calves are born doesn’t just cause issues with our dairy system; it also cause these farmers to sell their male calves to be slaughtered for veal. Maybe they don’t want to keep their male calves… If I were a farmer; I will not force a cow to produce milk for people around the world. Instead; I’ll plant crops instead as a majority. And keep only 10 cows that wanted to be selected for milk production. Not all at once, but only 1 cow, then the another one during the next year. However;taxes will be placed against dairy products.

Many of these lacto vegetarians has asked these following questions about where did they get their dairy products from. And they didn’t even known about our recent issue with our dairy system.

What You Should Do

By the next time if you were consuming dairy (applies to lacto vegetarians); research where your source if dairy is coming from. You can always implement a vegan backup,–if the problem still reproduces.

Create a petition.

Vegetarian Magic: Refuse To Exterminate Mice

Vegetarians don’t need mouse-traps; rodenticides; glue traps, snakes as pets to exterminate mice, pest-control services, nor extermination services because, most vegetarians don’t rely on them. However; some vegetarians often keep mice as companion animals at their own homes,–rather than rental homes. Most landlords often implement policies to keep pest-control services running. That literally infringes the vegetarian’s right to refuse to rely on these deceptive, and cruel services. Even a parent who has a child who is a vegetarian should NOT purchase pest-controlling services. For example: A mother of 5 children rents a house to leave the other city where mandatory pest-controlling services were set. The city has been petitioned to lift this mandatory policy. They asked the landlord why they’re vegetarian. However, the landlord prompted them to get special services enabled, or own a house someplace.

Some people were afraid of mice, but there’s ways to resolve fear of mice. Whether if you were a child, or parent… you can still overcome your fears. If you recently watched TV programs that feature fictional mice; you might need to find a book that is epic to mice,–not guides that teach you to exterminate mice. There are animal shelters available,–where you can take a look of mice in many types, or go to a relevant museum of natural history, or a mousery… if available.

The reason why you should NOt exterminate mice because, some of them are endangered species. There’s no such law that ban use of mouse-traps, and other pest-controlling services. Nor taxes has been imposed by taxing authorities to tax mouse-traps, and other pest-controlling services.

This is my story…

When I was a little boy, watching my favorite TV shows; I recently heard something suspicious in the large kitchen of the apartment building. I heard one mouse screeching in pain. In my opinion; my mother has been using these chemicals to exterminate one mouse that is trying to escape from the recycle bin that is next to the trash can… She used some oil, and some bleach,–along with some hot water to drown the little rodent.

My mother has placed a used newspaper over the opening of the recycle bin,–attempting to retain toxic gases inside the bin itself. All of that screaming from that bin has scared me, but I was shocked! Who in the right mind to teach a child how to exterminate mice? This is kind of cruel, and barberric! I can’t do a thing… my mother didn’t even educate me about mice, and other rodents.

In that recycle bin… that poor mouse has been burned alive. Sadly, my mother has prompted my BIG brother to check if the mouse has been killed,–after for some minutes.

So, he went to the kitchen, and he opened the bin. He told mom about these results,–telling her “the mouse is dead.” My big brother didn’t even report animal cruelty like he should do,–to place my mother behind bars for animal cruelty.

Mom kept using traps to kill off mice that don’t deserve to die! No action from my big brother has been established to resolve this issue.

I discovered my big brother has flushed the dead mouse down the toilet. All of these harsh chemicals can pollute our water system. This is kind of bad to me because, I will NEVER do the same thing what my mother, and my brother did to this animal.


I’m a vegetarian… and I’ll never use any mouse-trap under any circumstances. To me… mice are beautiful animals, and I respect them 24/7. That means; I’ll never pick up any trap at the store.

What You Should Do?

If You Were A Parent

Educate your children about mice, and other rodents. For example; video programs that are both animated, and live-recorded. Present your children some books about being respectful, and epic to mice. If your children is already educated about mice, reeducate your children with epic and respectful alternatives.

Contact your landlord,–if you rent a home to cancel pest-controlling services, and do get a refund. Tell him/her what’s exactly going on with your family. If you were a vegetarian, or you’re going vegetarian… Opt for special services,–which they don’t allow anyone to exterminate mice.

Take trips to animal shelters, or any place where they feature different types of mice. These places are available in your local city, or town.

If you were a home owner

Rodentproof your home. Vegan ways to rodentproof your home is available. Tutorials online will help you,–as long it’s vegan.

Don’t purchase any traps, and don’t subscribe to any extermination services.Other Actions You Can Take

Don’t attempt to exterminate mice to clean up your home, and clear away mice. Some people keep mice as companion animals.

Become a vegetarian, and leave meat off your plate.

Don’t own a snake.

Don’t participate in any sacrificial events that focus on killing mice,–claimed by any group that claim killing mice is a richual. But this is NOT a richual at all!

Do be nice to mice… that’s all.

Do find alternative cultural events where they respect mice as people,–or something similar. Religions that prohibit exterminating mice is NOT allowed are available.

Watch TV shows, and movies that feature mice via any kind.