#RabbitMeatIsNotKosher because its #DirtyMeat In My opinion!

I believe eating rabbit meat should be banned because, it’s dirty meat. Although; rabbits don’t chew cuds, and most people who kept rabbits as companion animals were susceptible to have their rabbits stolen to be slaughtered for meat. I believe rabbit meat is dirty because, one wrong move may lead you to long stays via ICU, or scary worms in your tummy! Rabbit meat can be sold by most illegal hunters, factory farmers, and other sources. I recently watched undercover videos about common farm animals raised for meat has been saved,–after these workers were arrested for animal cruelty. There’s no such video describing an undercover investigation of rabbit farms where most rabbits are raised for meat. Wait a minute! Rabbit meat is not kosher… who in the right mind to slaughter rabbits for meat? This is kind of scary to me because, if you eat rabbits, you are susceptible dangerous parasites, worms, and even infections. For example; you were a person who eats rabbits as a dinner as your meal, but your wife has been frightened by your meal, and she refused to eat with you. She chooses a vegetarian alternative to keep herself safe against these horrors.

If you eat rabbit meat; you are supporting a cruel trade of rabbit meat. Many rabbits has been loaded to these tiny cages, and their limbs has been covered with wounds, and pus-filled infections. They don’t have enough room to turn around, lie down, or reach for water and food. Many of these cages has been flooding with manure, and other waste. Most of these rabbits started to lose fur, and they lose their ability to hop, or stretch their limbs.

Although; rabbits need lots of room to exercise, and fresh air. Some rabbits owned by some people who were rabbit breeders who breed rabbits exclusively for pets, or companion animals take responsibility when handling kits with mother rabbits. However; today, these mother rabbits has been treated as nothing-more-than kit-machines! Most of these mother rabbits has been slaughtered for meat,–after their systems has burned out. Most of the rabbit meat came from spent mother rabbits.

Sadly; there’s no such religious law,–applies to Judaism… such as prohibition of eating rabbits. If this prohibition has been established; many rabbits will be saved, and that can cause a barberric rabbit meat industry to go away.

Eating rabbit meat is dangerous! There’s no way to safely eat rabbits.

Cause rabbits are beautiful animals, and sometimes they’re kept as pets, or show animals,–or companion animals. Rabbits are social animals, and they form a family,–just like us. They play in open areas of our natural environment, or in our home.

Religious organizations has the enormous power to halt trade of rabbit meat, and prohibit anyone from eating rabbits as their safety. Or block rabbit meat altogether!

You can also help rabbits further by choosing a humane vegetarian diet, and encourage your family members to do the same.

Say “NO” to a plate of rabbit, rabbit stew, roast rabbit, and other dishes that contains rabbit meat. Alternatives to rabbit meat are available at your local store. You can choose what you don’t want to eat.

Hallal Food Is NOT Vegetarian

Hallal food from hallal slaughterhouses are actually meat,–not vegetarian food because, these kind of meats slaughtered via an Islamic culture/belief is toxic, and it’s not good for you. Although; animal activists has to investigate where hallal meats are coming from. Running a hallal slaughterhouse is cruel, and it doesn’t make you immune to being liable for animal cruelty.

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Vegetarian Magic: Don’t Consume Rabbit Meat… Develop a Replacement

In 2011; I was scared away by my uncle who cooked rabbit meat. I told my grandmother why I’ll NEVER eat rabbits. She prompted me to try one rabbit leg, but I quickly refused a rabbit leg. She confirmed eating rabbits gives me the creeps. And she didn’t know I should NOT eat rabbits. And I have to find alternatives that will replace rabbit for good.

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Lacto Vegetarians & the Dairy Farm Issues

Some people who were lacto vegetarians aren’t sure if they’re getting dariy from a sustainable source, but they might experience a problem with consuming dairy,–due to brutal cruelty somewhere in the US. For example; a dairy farm in Ohio has been involved in beating cattle. However; some lacto vegetarians didn’t even understand… you must know where you’re getting your dairy from,–whether if you trusted a farm or not… But you have to do some extreme research where your store is getting dairy from. If you were going shopping for your dairy… watch out! There are some some labels that are misleading, claiming they arrived from a humane dairy farm someplace. Real dairy farms don’t use hormones, and they don’t cram cattle inside large buildings. And they also leave cattle in dirty conditions.

According to Mercy For Animals, an animal-rights organization has investigated dairy farms where workers beat cattle with pitch forks, shocking them with electric taser-like devices, and other cruel acts against their own animals. It may look like a traditional dairy farm as you pass them as you take a drive down the road. Turns out… it’s an industrialized dairy farm that is built like a factory farm. I believe many of their cows were dehorned, and have their tails chopped off,–all without any pain-killers!

Cows don’t need to be dehorned… they use their horms to help defend themselves from predatory animals, such as cougers… a pesky big cat that can cause a large loss of cattle, coyotes… common animal that can go after cattle, and other predators. Without their horns; they’re in danger of being attacked and killed by many predators. Cattle also use their horns to assist in steering. Some people use cattle as a mode of transportation to travel from one place to the another. For example; people in some countries ride cattle instead of horses. When their horns were left intact; they can balance their heads to a balanced position. Oxen are the known working cattle that used their horns to guide objects on wheels. There are some cattle that are bred without horns.

Running a dairy farm is kind of difficult. And an average time on most dairy farms are slow. Not fast.

Manure, and other waste generated from cattle is common. Although; many calves has been ripped away from their mother’s sides,–so people can consume the cow’s milk instead,–all without giving the calves a chance to consume their mother’s milk as their first priority! Not even one cow is set aside to take a break from being a dairy cow, or exercise with other cows in their herd. Forcing a cow to produce milk after their calves are born doesn’t just cause issues with our dairy system; it also cause these farmers to sell their male calves to be slaughtered for veal. Maybe they don’t want to keep their male calves… If I were a farmer; I will not force a cow to produce milk for people around the world. Instead; I’ll plant crops instead as a majority. And keep only 10 cows that wanted to be selected for milk production. Not all at once, but only 1 cow, then the another one during the next year. However;taxes will be placed against dairy products.

Many of these lacto vegetarians has asked these following questions about where did they get their dairy products from. And they didn’t even known about our recent issue with our dairy system.

What You Should Do

By the next time if you were consuming dairy (applies to lacto vegetarians); research where your source if dairy is coming from. You can always implement a vegan backup,–if the problem still reproduces.

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