There’s An Array Of Fake Animals You Can use For Riding… However They’re NOT Just For Kids Anymore

How many of you used stuffed animals as an alternative to using real animals for riding,–useful if you want to entertain yourself without using any animals. I believe some vegetarian ride animals, and some don’t. If I can get my calculations correct. Most ride-on stuffed animal toys for kids are usually targeted to young children. And I believe toy-makers didn’t develop any adult versions of their products. If they did… they can be useful for people who wanted to having riding experience,–before riding real animals.

However, training your real animals to be ridden requires bonding with your animal, training without inducing pain, and strategic equipment for riding animals. For example; you trained your large custom-bred sheep to be ridden by anyone,–due to strategic breeding. You trained your mew commands with a painless format. But you don’t ride your sheep with a long duration… instead, you start off with a short duration. But you strategically take some time.

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Vegetarian Magic: Leave Chicken Off Your Plate

You like chickens all right… but you refused to eat them!

Some people has left chicken off their plates because, they don’t want to risk consuming chicken that is too risky to consume,–after it was slaughtered on a factory farm. Chickens are the abused animals on the face of the planet. These birds that were raised for meat hasn’t been treated properly. In common; these chickens were placed in tiny cages,–where they can’t spread even 1 wing, or walk around, just like a prison cell cramming inmates. They’re been treated like egg-machines, all without any breaks, exercise, or playtime with their owners.

Within this trick… I’ll show you how to leave chicken off your plate,–along with some potential problems you may encounter.

Leaving chicken off your plate is kind of simple… and its fun to replace chicken with vegetarian alternatives. Not just you will offset meat from our stores… you will save over 30 chickens weekly,–depending on your impact.

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Milestone: Vegetarian for 3 years and counting!

Since 2014; I finally left meat off my plate,–after I was inspired by a video about the meat industry abusing animals that are raised for meat. I’ve taken a look of these videos online… and I thought of going back to vegetarian since I was a little boy.

Now I can able to cut pollution by 75% as I continue relying on a vegetarian diet. Not just going vegetarian saves water, it also saves animals.

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Vegetarian Magic: Leave Beef Off Your Plate

Cattle raised for beef is the another source of pollution! Many cattle has been branded, and castrated without any pain-killers,–or surgery performed by a licensed animal surgent. Getting grass-fed beef is too difficult now these days, but the catch is; beef stays in your systems for 6 or more years,–according to my cousin who left beef off his plate years ago. In common… red meat is NOT healthy for your body. Never the less; beef products come from slaughtered cows… it’s not limited to steers, dairy cattle are slaughtered,–usually converted to hamburger and other meat products. In some religions,–like Hinduism… cattle is treated like people who live in your country. And its illegal to slaughter cattle for meat.! Believe it or not, some people can’t eat beef because of food allergies. That means, you will miss out on your favorite snacks, lunches, and dinner plates what you’ve eaten earlier.

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Vegetarian Magic: Shop For All Vegetarian Food At Your Local Store

So you had an empty refrigerator, and you are running out of food. However; you’ve saved over $200;–after you set aside money for your next shopping trip with your family. Turns out; you can’t afford to give your children some meat to eat, or you can’t afford to buy meat for your own place because, you believe purchasing meat is expensive. The Good news is… you can buy vegetarian food to replace meat products in your own home’s refrigerator. I’ll show you which items you can get for your refridgerator or freezer.

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